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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.08.17 Tempa / FWD special with live mix from Youngsta

17 August, 2007 (12:55) | Dubstep, Experimental, Mary Anne Hobbs, MP3 | By: Core News

Dubstep special with Benga, Benny Ill, Headhunter, Sarah Soulja, Appleblim, Skream, N Type and Blackdown in the studio. Live set from Youngsta to top it off.

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Mary Anne Hobbs 2007.08.17 Tempa / FWD special with live mix from Youngsta [ download]

Rakim- ‘I Got Soul’ (Brothomstates Mix) (Arcola)
Mr 76ix- ‘Other’ (Acid Reflux Mix) (MAR)
False- ‘Forgetting’ (M_nus)
Pendle Covern- ‘Habitual Stress’ (Modern Love)
Ben Sharpa- ‘Into The Black’ (Pioneer Unit) (LP- Planetary Assault)
Matthew Rozeik- ‘March Of The Snowmen’ (100m Records)

TEMPA/FWD’s Studio Dance
Headhunter- ‘Sushi Brain’ (Tempa Dubplate)
Benga & Coki- ‘Night’ (Tempa)
Horsepower- ‘Gorgon Sound’ (Tempa)
Horsepower- ‘Crazy Into’ (Tempa)

Youngsta Headline Mix
Asbo Productions- ‘Asbo 1’ (Dubplate)
Skream- ‘Shake It’ (Dubplate)
Benga- ‘Skunk Tip’ (Skream Remix) (Dubplate)
Headhunter- ‘Drop The Waste’ (Tempa)
Benga- ‘Empty’ (Tempa)
DI- ‘Instep’ (Tempa)
Skream- ‘Here’s A Sign’ (Tempa)
Benga- ’26 Basslines’ (Tempa)

Benga- ‘Pleasure’ (Tempa Dubplate)
Headhunter- ‘Locus Lotus’ (Tempa)
High Planes Drifter vs Goldspot- ‘Sholay’ (Epic Mix) (Tempa)

Untold- ‘Test Signal’ (Dubplate)
The Marcia Blane School For Girls- ‘Faulty Perceptual Apparatus’ (Highpoint Lowlife) (LP- Analogue For Architecture Compilation)
Prefuse 73 feat. John Stainer- ‘Smoking Red’ (Warp)
Pangea- ‘Coiled’ (Hessle Audio)

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