Luke Vibert – Fireside Chat on RBMA Radio

“It’s fair to say that musicians detest pigeonholing. Luke Vibert, also known as Wagon Christ, Plug, Amen Andrews, Kerrier District – and more – gets around this burden by having a musical personality verging on schizophrenia. His multiple personalities provide a rich output of work ranging from experimental drum ‘n’ bass on one album, via instrumental hip hop on the next, to acid house comfortably sitting somewhere in the middle. Hailing from Cornwall, UK, he grew up on hip hop and Herbie Hancock, down the round from Aphex Twin, whose early bedroom tapes passed around the area inspired Luke to depart from his youthful punk bands into solo electronic composition. An avid record collector with a post-modern approach to music, Luke samples rare grooves and interesting library music from his collection to create a unique sound. His work is displayed across many seminal record labels, from leading 90s label Rising High to Mo’Wax, from Nina Tune to Warp. Along with Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, or Mark Pritchard, Luke Vibert approaches music inventively. You’re never certain of where he will lead you next. His ethos is perhaps best summed up by the title of his own release, ‘Journey Into The Unknown’ (Mo’Wax). Or if that doesn’t sound right just take ‘I Love Acid’ (Warp).”
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Luke Vibert – Fireside Chat on RBMA Radio [Filesonic]

Luke Vibert – Fireside Chat on RBMA Radio

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