Live sets from SCHIZOPHRENIA II in Detroit

Decker, from the Grindthieves blog, recorded 8 hardcore/breakcore live sets from Schizophrenia II in Detroit, December 1st.

Adjust live mp3 (39:09, 35.9 MB)
Cutups live mp3 (57:47, 53 MB)
Fanny live mp3 (49:32, 45.4 MB)
Davros vs. Unibomber live mp3 (51:41, 47.4 MB)
Noize Creator live mp3 (50:48, 46.6 MB)
Doormouse live mp3 (22:33, 20.7 MB)
Fishead live mp3 (73:21, 67.2 MB)
Xanopticon live mp3 (79:05, 72.5 MB)

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