Live set from Kamerat Tord live at Oslo Break Fest

Seems like this is the day for Norwegian artists. This time we have a live set for you from a guy called Kamerat Tord. I would call his music breakcore with a touch of raggacore or something like that. Doesn’t matter what kind of genre it is because it is really good music!
He will probably release a CD later this year on Fuck Subtle Recordings.


01: Intro – Larvae
02: Frollic
03: Loona
04: Maus
05: Glory Hole
06: Kix
07: Rockas
08: The Fish Gate
09: Gjøm Ongan
10: Buju Man Juice

He was playing at Oslo Break Fest with Fanny, Xanopticon, Vanny, Babyshaker and Xentrick.

If the above download link doesn’t work try this one from rapidshare.

Kamerat Tord live at Oslo Break Fest

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3 thoughts on “Live set from Kamerat Tord live at Oslo Break Fest”

  1. Thanks, mate! And it was a fantastic evening. Not many people, but I think they enjoyed the show. Xentrick did an outanding improvised breakcore set, Babyshaker blew our minds with his epic breaks, as did Fanny, and Xanopticon was pure heaven! Yay!

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