Kutski 2010-07-09 DJ Obsession Freerange Mix

“This week, as we’re celebrating all things Scottish on Radio 1 for T In The Park, I thought it only fair I play my part! I’m sure anyone who’s into hard dance at all will know all types of hard dance music are massive up in Scotland, so I’ve drafted one of Scotland’s number 1 hardcore DJ to do us a 30 minute mix to represent the harder sounds Scotland has to offer. I first time I heard this guy was in the mid 90’s when he was resident at the legendary FUBAR club; and since then he’s gone on to play some of the biggest hardcore parties around the world, as well as running some of the biggest raves in Scotland!!! This is the sound of Scotland with DJ Obsession in the mix on Radio 1!!!!! Kutski.”

Kutski 2010-07-09 DJ Obsession Freerange Mix [Filesonic]

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