Kismet on Rinse FM 2011-02-18 – house

More house vibes from Kismet on Rinse FM! Due to problems with Hotfile I’m trying out a new filehost called Filesonic. Let me know what you think about it.

Kismet on Rinse FM 2011-02-18 – house [Filesonic download]

Non available.

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4 thoughts on “Kismet on Rinse FM 2011-02-18 – house”

  1. This is the one I’ve been looking forward too, Thomas! 😀

    Boy, do I love these shows! Right from the very first track, right to the last.

    And, Kismet knocks it out of the park again!

    Do you know of any more shows like this? “Straight ahead” house sets, that keep bouncing all the way?

    Yeah, I’m aware of the issues surrounding Hotfile at the moment. 🙁 I’ve just recently transferred to Fileserve myself. I’ve found that the links seem much more stable there, and not deleted.

    Keep these shows comin’ Brother, and if you’ve got any of those Kismet back issues I’ll be more than glad to take a listen. Overjoyed in fact. 🙂

    Kismet is No. 1 on my iPod, and he’s there to stay.

  2. Yeah, I like it!

    A Hard House Set in parts, but I stil enjoyed it.

    Still gotta give it to My Man “Kismet”, though. He’s the Boss. 😀

    I really like these bouncy House Mixes you bring us Thomas. Acts as a nice balance to more of the darker beats. 🙂

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