Joe Delon – Resident Advisor podcast #872 2023-02-20

“Joe Delon loves music. You might think that would (or should) be self-evident in someone who DJs for a living, but the electronic music world would be a better place if everyone cared and thought as much as he did. In addition to being an increasingly in-demand DJ, he runs a stellar label, Welt Discos and moonlights as a music writer, with a beloved Substack newsletter that he usually updates twice a week. A blend of touring DJ travelogue and mix recommendations, it’s a rich source of information and music from an artist with a warm, friendly voice—and perhaps more importantly, impeccable taste.
It’s that taste that has endeared him to many dance music fans around the world over the last few years, developing a dedicated fanbase who greet every new mix with bated breath (including, hopefully, this one). He’s something of a record digger, but not in the clichéd way—he just loves to find records new and old full of melody, springy rhythms and a generally quirky, positive vibe. The music he selects often has an ’80s tinge to it, even when it’s not from the ’80s, but it’s hard to pin down what he plays, both because his sets are so unpredictable, and because it wouldn’t be fair.
His RA Podcast, as he explains below, is meant to sum up his last year of DJing, a carefully put together selection of favourites from 2022 (meaning records he played that year, not that came out last year). As always, it’s a mix of familiar and far-flung records, mixed with Delon’s breezy, unique style. Part of the reason why people have come to love his DJing so much is that it just kind of puts a smile on your face. Listen and you’ll see.”
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