Jennifer Cardini – Resident Advisor podcast #870 2023-02-06

“People usually talk about Berlin, London, New York when discussing electronic music hotspots, and Paris doesn’t always get its due. Case in point? It produced Jennifer Cardini, one of the most distinctive DJs to to ever come out of the city. (She’s lived in Germany for a while, but the point stands.) Her sound lands somewhere between disco, house and EBM, rooted in a groovy, post-modern chug. You’ll hear nu-disco, industrial, techno and electro too, usually built around big hooks. It’s a sound that is not only instantly recognizable, but instantly likable.
As a producer, Cardini also deserves her flowers. She’s been putting out records since the mid-’90s, and with her first label Correspondant, she’s built up a rock-solid catalogue from artists like Fort Romeau, Man Power, Cormac and more. More recently she started the Dischi Autunno imprint, a place for more crossover-friendly music that indulges Cardini’s tastes for all things melodic (and maybe a little goth).
Cardini’s RA Podcast is a beautiful summary of all these ideas and influences. It’s hard and banging, sure, but also lithe and athletic. There are plenty of tracks with the surge of EBM or the stab of industrial. Lots of reverb. Decadent melodies undergirded by tough drum patterns. And it’s paced as expertly as you’d expect from someone who’s been DJing for over 30 years. In the interview below, Cardini says she “loves how the young generation is digesting four decades of club / rave culture,” and you can hear that history living and breathing in Cardini’s DJing, too.”
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