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Herodot – Resident Advisor podcast #493 2015-11-09

9 November, 2015 (17:13) | Resident Advisor podcasts | By: Core News

“Subtle sounds from one of Romania’s finest.
When many people think of Romanian house music, three DJs immediately come to mind: Rhadoo, Raresh and Petre Inspirescu. Look a little deeper, though, and you’ll find a vast undercurrent of highly skilled selectors, many without much recognition outside fans of the country’s subtle minimalist sound. These DJs play most of their gigs in Romania, only occasionally venturing abroad for dates outside their home country. They play (and often make) music at a very high standard, their output defined by intricate, groove-led tracks built for long DJ sets and crystal-clear soundsystems
Herodot is one such artist. Co-founder of the Unanim label with Piticu, he’s been a respected DJ in Bucharest, his home town, for the past decade, playing frequently in clubs around the city both as a warm up DJ and occasional headliner. Like many of his countrymen, his style is loopy and restrained, shaped by long spells behind the decks and frequent appearances at afterhour events. This week’s podcast is a window into the thriving scene Herodot has emerged from. Percussion shuffles, basslines ebb and flow, but the groove stays steady. It’s music to get lost in.”
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Herodot - Resident Advisor podcast #493 2015-11-09

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