Gilles Peterson Worldwide 2014-09-06 Lonnie Holley in session

“Gilles is back for another Saturday afternoon mix up selection, joining the musical dots. This week Gilles is joined by artist and musician, Lonnie Holley, for a session at the 6 Music studios.
Lonnie Holley was the 7th child out of 27 to be born to his parents in Birmingham, Alabama. His upbringing was poor and he began working when his was five as a litter-picker at a drive in cinema. He began to create artworks from sandstone in his late 20’s and his work has developed to include sculpture, paintings and more recently, music. His lyrics and music are heavily based on improvisation and can change with each performance. His first album ‘Just Before Music’ appeared in 2012, followed 12 months later by a second album, ‘Keeping A Record Of It’.
In this programme Lonnie performs three tracks and speaks to Gilles about his fascinating life.”
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Gilles Peterson Worldwide 2014-09-06 Lonnie Holley in session [ download] [ download]

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