Gilles Peterson Worldwide 2013-05-18 Valerie June in session

“Gilles is joined by US singer/songwriter Valerie June in session. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Valerie’s sound encompasses folk, soul, gospel, and blues, and she’ll perform tracks from her current album, ‘Pushin Against A Stone’. Plus, Gilles has a crateful of hidden gems, old and new, alongside an Album Of The Week.”
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Gilles Peterson Worldwide 2013-05-18 Valerie June in session [ download] [Depositfiles download]

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1 thought on “Gilles Peterson Worldwide 2013-05-18 Valerie June in session”

  1. Hi, you might know this feeling: You’re just browsing along, and all of a sudden, you have that faint memory of a song you heard months or years ago, but for some reason, didn’t save. I had that an hour ago, and a bit of research led me to believe that the song I’m looking for was once in a Gilles Peterson Worldwide show set, along with Emmavie’s seamless and some stuff by Valerie June. Sadly, it’s not in the tracklist. I’m looking for a jazzy song (featuring a female singer, drums and sax and trumpet at least). I remember the song transitioned from normal swing to a incredible, uplifting latin groove. I think Gilles said something like “Woow” and mentioned the producer and that they had an album coming later in that year as the song faded out.

    As the set is no longer available on either uploaded or depositfiles: Is there any other way you could send me this particular worldwide show, or a complete tracklist? It may seem a bit odd…but you would do me a great favour. I’d love to hear that particular song again.

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