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Gilles Peterson Worldwide 2010-10-13 Kon & Amir

13 October, 2010 (12:16) | Gilles Peterson, MP3, World Music | By: Core News

“Gilles Peterson is joined live in the studio by New York crate digging, music loving, expert producers Kon & Amir.
They shared some brilliant re-edits of theirs and some rare 45s. We got to know the pair and they spoke about their next level of producing re-edits.
Also upfront tunes from James Blake, Darkstar, 2 Bears, Don Daneeka, XXXY, Eskmo & a great Gary Bartz track produced by Omas.”
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Gilles Peterson Worldwide 2010-10-13 Kon & Amir [Filesonic download]

1. Cut Chemist — Adidas To Addis
2. Pete Drake — oriental twist
3. King James Version — He’s Forever
4. James Blake — Limit To Your Love
5. James Blake — Klavierwerke
6. Darkstar — Dear Heartbeat
7. Baths — Lovely Bloodflow
8. John Legend — Hang On In There
9. Chris Turner — Liquid Love
10. The Beast & Nnenna Freelon — Freedom Vol 2
11. Gary Bartz — Song of Love and Kindness
12. The 2 Bears — Church
13. Doc Daneeka — Hold On
14. Fantastic Mr. Fox — Over
15. XxXy — Flew
16. Darkstar — Deadness
17. Au Pairs — Headache for Michelle

18. Kon & Amir Live in the Studio
1. Leon Ware — Why I Came To California
2. Loose Joints — All Over Your Face

19. Amir’s 4 Track Mix
1. Aged in Harmony — You’re A Melody
2. Straight Jacket — The Greatest Part Of Loving You
3. The 9th Creation — Much To Much
4. Lady Margaret & Perry Smith — Out In Space

20. Cerrone — Hooked On You
21. Quantic Y Conjunto Los Miticos del Ritmos — Entra a Un Mundo
22. Eskmo — Siblings

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Comment from Arthit
Time October 27, 2010 at 11:07 am

Quality edition of GP and Kon & Amir showdown. Worth checking out how GP came across the Au Pairs vinyl.

Amir 4-track mix is 100% vinyl (7″ single) and they all sound brilliant. What a great digger.

And everyone who’s reading this blog should get the Darkstar album pronto.

Comment from Thomas of Core News
Time October 27, 2010 at 11:19 am

No doubt! I’ve been falling in love with the Darkstar album over the last few days.