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Freak Zone Playlist 2018-02-11 Suzanne Ciani

12 February, 2018 (08:30) | MP3 | By: Core News

“Creator of ‘sound logos’ for America’s most recognisable brands, New York synth hero Suzanne Ciani puts together a playlist of sounds important to her. Suzanne created some of the most iconic advertising sounds of the 1970s including Coca-Cola’s pop and pour, jingles for General Electric and many other giant American brands. In the 1980s she became a pioneer of new age music creating sensual, blissed out music most notably on her album Seventh Wave recreating the sounds of the ocean. Suzanne spent her formative years in New York city, befriending Philip Glass and Steve Reich and performing in people’s apartments to the avant-garde elite. Here Suzanne creates a 60-minute playlist of music important to her.”

Freak Zone Playlist 2018-02-11 Suzanne Ciani [ download]

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Freak Zone Playlist 2018-02-11 Suzanne Ciani