Flashman – Techno Sessions #1

“So kicking off my “Techno Sessions” playlist, this can also be found on YouTube (see below) if you fancy seeing me dancing round the studio .
I really enjoyed recording this set at Studio 808 and hopefully you will enjoy the journey that I’m taking you on.

Some of my favourites include:
Dominance (Rudosa), Obsessed by Power, (Louisahhh & I Hate Models), Activated (Rudosa) and all three tracks by Mython.”

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Website – www.flashmandj.com
Instagram – @Flashman_DJ
Soundcloud – soundcloud.com/flashmandj

1. Looking 4 Balance (Original Mix) – Regal
2. Aspettando la Notte (Original Mix) – Angelo Stasi
3. Sabotage & Purify feat. Myler ((Original Mix) – Tyler, Manni Dee
4. In Silence (Original Mix) – Amelie Lens
5. Pandora (Original Mix) – Trim
6. Not Crash (Original Mix) – Axel Karakasis
7. Dominance – Rudosa
8. Crysis (Original Mix) – Twin Projects, N.O.B.A
9. Climax (Original Mix) – DJ Dextro
10. Die Unverstandenen (Original Mix) – Mython
11. Unit 7 (Original Mix) – Truncate
12. Obsessed by Power, (Louisahhh & I Hate Models)
13. Activated – Rudosa
14. Krokodil (Matrixxman Remix) – Ketch
15. Autosuggestion (Original Mix) – Mython
16. Dance Tool (Original Mix) – York Aner
17. Dark Spectral (Original Mix) – Arnaud Le Texier
18.Raver’s heart (Original Mix) – Amelie Lens, Airod
19. Presents Blackout (Original Mix) – Myron
20. Push (Original Mix) – Anifisa Letyago

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