FACT mix 331 by Daedelus

“This week’s FACT mix comes from Alfred Darlington, a.k.a. Daedelus.
One of modern electronic music’s most reliable sages, Daedelus has been pushing his madcap takes on hip-hop, electronica and dance music since 2001. He’s released on a variety of labels – amongst them Ninja Tune, Warp, Plug Research, Brainfeeder and Stones Throw – which serves to reflect his own musical range: Daedelus releases, in the past, have ranged from fizzing house (2007?s ‘Fair Weather Friends’), to oddball jazz and hip-hop (2002?s Invention), through to collaborative computer folk (2009?s The Long Lost, recorded with Darlington’s wife Laura) and beyond. Way, way beyond, in fact. He’s not someone who likes to sit still, and sitting’s probably not too comfortable in those tight suits anyway.”

FACT mix 331 by Daedelus [Filetechnology download] [Depositfiles download]

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FACT mix 331 by Daedelus

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