FACT mix 225 by Tevo Howard

“FACT mix 225 comes from one of underground house music’s most serious emerging talents: Tevo Howard.”
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FACT mix 225 by Tevo Howard [Filesonic download]

FACT mix 225 by Tevo Howard
Tricky Disco – Tricky Disco
Another Sleepless Night – Shawn Christopher
Fingers Inc. – A Path
First in first out – Front 242
Unknown italo track
Work that mutha fucker – Steve pointdexter
It’s you – ESP
Like This
The promised land – Joe Smooth
Dancing in my sleep
Ma Foom Bey
Angel Eyes – lime
Unknown track Molokai
House sensation – Liam
Farley – unknown track
I’m hungry
Hypnotic samba – on zyx
Computer games – Steve pointdexter
Dancing therapy – ims
The garden
Bad boy – franky knuckles
You used to hold me – ralphie Rosario
Move – John rocca
Video Clash – lil louis
Can’t stop the house
Don’t do it – Paris gray
You ain’t really down – status 4
Dance – earth people
Jack my body – j.m. Silk
For those who like to groove
What’s your name – Kano
I wanna have some fun – Samantha fox
Pump up Chicago – mr. Lee
Do you love me – Denise

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6 thoughts on “FACT mix 225 by Tevo Howard”

  1. Can I ask a few questions? Why did you switch file hosts? And why don’t you use something like Mediafire? And why rehost something that originated on Soundcloud? Is it safe to assume that you are using these hosts as a source of revenue? I put up with the hourly cap on Hotfile but unfortunately filesonic is blocked by websense and similar products.

  2. hi joel

    Sorry to hear that Filesonic is blocked by websense. I was not aware of that.

    Hotfile has been having major problems with MPAA and started deleting accounts left and right including mine.

    Yes, there is a little revenue to be made from such file hosts and it is nice to get a little back from the blog.

    I started uploading fact mixes because they deleted them after 3 weeks. It seems like my readers enjoy it and I have been getting requests to upload mixes from similar sites..

  3. Well, i’m trying everything, but Filesonic just doesn’t work for me. IDM on, it fails. Off, it fails too. And everything it fails, it takes half an hour to try again. Bummer…

    On other note, i’m really disappointed to learn that you get small revenues from using those file hosts. I’ve been coming here for almost 2 years now, i love the blog and i thank you for the hours and hours of great music i was able to get in contact to from Core.

    But the idea that some (even thought small) revenues are being made out of this makes me really uncomfortable: by the end of the day, this content does not belong to you. In my view, this is the line between the sharing of art and flat out piracy. I have a blog myself, with a podcast, and i would never even think of making direct revenues out of it. But hey that’s just me.

    Sorry for the self-righteousness, really. Love the blog and i can’t thank you enough, but i really had to let that out.


  4. I think i got around the problem with the downloads, so no more bummer 🙂

    Sorry for the last post, i know getting this blog updated must be real hard work and we appreciate it.

  5. I get what you mean, but I think there is a line between pirating records and hosting radio shows/mixes. Even though I’ve had to battle with myself if it is morally acceptable .

    What about the ads on this site? Is that wrong too?

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