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Facedee (Liquid DNB) More Music Less Ego Podcast: EP001

25 April, 2019 (21:21) | Drum and Bass | By: Core News

Welcome to the first ever MORE MUSIC LESS EGO PODCAST powered by Virtuous Movement with support from many others such as Nicky Blackmarket, DJ Rap and many more!

Here is episode 1 mixed by myself Facedee so expect nothing but liquid gems.

Ian Virtuous, Lady D-Zire, Ideal G, DJ Rap, Nicky Blackmarket, David Hill, Omega Point, Ego Trippin, Unkut, Phore Cite, Subsid, Kontrast UK, Robbie Avery, Kathryn Smith, DJ Nipper, Yush MC, Jaguar Paw, Melo D, Bassline Beenie, Bellyman, Ruthio and Manik.

Please share and I hope you enjoy it!

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