Dubpressure on MoS Radio 2011-02-27 – dubstep hosted by Kion

Hope the sounds quality is ok, feedback appreciated..
“Dubpressure: The long-standing club night run by Unlikely, Letty, Dom and Kion of Clandestine Cultivations. Starting in 2005, it grew to become Brighton’s premier dubstep event, and thanks to the resident Gramps soundsystem one of UK’s best for deep bass – drawing regular roadblock crowds to the numerous seafront venues it has held residence in over the years.”

Dubpressure on MoS Radio 2011-02-27 – dubstep hosted by Kion [Filesonic]

1. Shackleton – Deadman (Honest Jon’s)
2. Djunya – On the Verge (dub)
3. Compa & Watson – Sluggish (dub)
4. N-Type & Cyrus – Conscious (Wheel & Deal)
5. DJ Snipaz – Chasm Spasm (dub)
6. Albert – Side Showed Out – (forthcoming Studio Rockers)
7. SGNL – Harlem [Mind Remix] (forthcoming Lower Case)
8. Dr Pytor – T.O.Y.S. (forthcoming F4T Music)
9. Dismantle – Buss It (Free:Mantle)
10. Flore – Overnighters [Albert’s Winter Depression Remix] (forthcoming Botchit & Scarper)
11. Mind – An Enchanted Tale (dub)
12. Be-1ne – The Visitors (forthcoming Methodology)
13. Truth – Stay (Disfigured Dubz)
14. Albert – Whore’s Bath (forthcoming Studio Rockers)
15. Consequence – Snake’s & Skulls (Exit Records)

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