DJpt set 64 The Binaural Lounge

“And for something completely different , coming from the last psytrance set , to this massive dropdown featuring ambient , downtempo ,guided meditation , classical, alpha gamma theta and delta binaural healing frequencies , some cinematic flair, drone sections , guitar riffs , piano , bass,,,etc
A bit of sound therapy, for a stressed out planet.
This , a very different style ,than my techno oriented music , is a live mix studio set , no post process.
working on the material for it definitely shot me into space for a minute.
binaural healing frequencies are worth some research , another aspect of the power of sound.
I hope this finds everyone out there properly chilled.
Thank you to the listeners , my analytics say theres a lot of you….so much.
And great thanks to the people that have hung tight with my journey , its been a crazy trip. takes some fortitude…
Enjoy , peace out there…”

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