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DJ Spider – Resident Advisor podcast #538 2016-09-19

20 September, 2016 (15:30) | Resident Advisor podcasts | By: Core News

“Deadly sonics from a prolific US producer.
DJ Spider’s style is so well-honed that you could analyse it through practically any of his releases. Take The Final Revolution, his next 12-inch. It’s pretty dark, right? That’s usually the first word people reach for when discussing his music. You’ll notice, however, on tracks like “Extropy” and “NEXT,” that he likes to let a little light in. On “Throwing Hairs” and “Distress Signal” you’ll hear Spider’s knack for weird sound design. The first features what could be someone dragging a pickaxe across gravel; on the second there’s simply a car alarm going off in the background. Hypnosis is recurring theme in Spider’s work, and we get that on “The Final Revolution.” Listen to the way the bass and the percussion interact—it’s the kind of groove that glues you to the floor.”

DJ Spider – Resident Advisor podcast #538 2016-09-19 [ download] [ download] [ download]

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DJ Spider - Resident Advisor podcast #538 2016-09-19

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