DJ MikeQ podcast #186 for XLR8R

“DJ MikeQ may not be a name that rings familiar for many XLR8R readers, but we have a pretty strong intuition that’s about to change. His name has been popping up in mixes from the likes of Kingdom and Bok Bok for awhile now, but a little digging has shown DJ MikeQ to be one of the leading figures of the East Coast’s long-running (but still largely underground) ballroom/vogue-house scene. Based in New Jersey, the 25-year-old producer is not only one of the most in-demand ballroom DJs, but he also heads up his own Qween Beat label and turns out a steady stream of vogue and ballroom tracks, re-edits, and remixes. We’ll be taking a much larger look at ballroom in the next issue of the magazine, but in the meantime, we’ve enlisted DJ MikeQ to assemble this exclusive mix and introduce himself (and by extension, the ballroom scene) to the XLR8R faithful. It’s an exciting listen; prepare yourself for lots of fierce/fabulous divas, blown-out snares, gritty sounds, and a seemingly incalculable number of tunes built upon a tiny loop from Masters at Work’s classic “The Ha Dance.””

DJ MikeQ podcast #186 for XLR8R [Filesonic download]

DJ MikeQ podcast #186 for XLR8R
01 The Trakmasterz “Bangin Re’Dub” (Trakmasterz Inc.)
02 Moi Renee “Miss Honey” (Project X)
03 DJ MikeQ “The Flylife 08” (Qween Beat)
04 DJ MikeQ “The Master Blaster 09” (Qween Beat)
05 Masters At Work “The Ha Dance (Edit)” (MAW)
06 DJ MikeQ “Pussy Took The Night” (Qween Beat)
07 DJ MikeQ “Twisted Beat” (Qween Beat)
08 DJ MikeQ “The Ha Dance 2010” (Qween Beat)
09 DJ MikeQ “The Ebony Ha” (Qween Beat)
10 DJ MikeQ ft. Roxy Cottontail “Clik, Clik Bounce Kitty” (Qween Beat)
11 DJ MikeQ “2010” (Qween Beat)
12 DJ MikeQ “Diva Work” (Qween Beat)
13 DJ MikeQ feat. Charles “Super Twister” (Qween Beat)
14 DJ MikeQ “I Whip My Ha Re-Edit” (Qween Beat)
15 DJ MikeQ “Let It All Out” (Qween Beat)
16 B.Ames “Rah Rah H” (Qween Beat)
17 Divoli S’vere “Capitol P.” (Qween Beat)
18 Greg Evisu/Kevin Prodigy/DJ MikeQ “Vogue Train” (Qween Beat)
19 Gregg Evisu feat. Jay R/DJ MikeQ “Bitch Who R U” (Qween Beat)
20 Jay R Neutron “Work It Bitch” (Qween Beat)
21 DJ MikeQ “Elevator Krash” (Qween Beat)
22 Tree Ebony/Vjuan Allure/DJ MikeQ “Bounce & Shake” (Qween Beat)
23 Miyoko “Battle Kunt” (Qween Beat)

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