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DJ Bus Replacement Service – Resident Advisor podcast #610 2018-02-05

9 February, 2018 (10:08) | Electronic music, Resident Advisor podcasts | By: Core News

“Piss yourself.
Doris Woo is not like other DJs. There’s her stage outfit, a costume of North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un, which she faithfully wears to all her gigs. But that’s actually a minor detail compared to the music she plays. It’s hard to neatly summarize what happens in a DJ Bus Replacement Service set, but you might start by comparing it to a stand-up comedy act, one that playfully antagonizes its audience while making them dance, peppering club music’s most unhinged styles—ghettohouse, gabber, hard techno—with the most bizarre of musical novelties (consider one of this mix’s track titles, “‘Roxanne’ by The Police But Every Time They Say “Roxanne” It Gets Faster”). In the interview below, Woo herself puts it best: “I simply love playing bad and incorrect music at people for my own amusement.”
She is far from the only one amused. DJ Bus Replacement Service is becoming something of an unlikely phenomenon, with 2017 gigs at such esteemed events as Sónar and Freerotation (she’ll be returning to the latter festival this summer, both on her own and with her husband, Anthony Child, AKA Surgeon, as Little Baby Cheeses). How to explain her strange appeal? As Angus Finlayson said in a recent edition of The Hour: “Pissing yourself laughing on the dance floor is not an experience that comes around every weekend, and I would highly recommend it.” If you find that prospect weirdly tempting—or even if you don’t—we’d highly recommend RA.610.”
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DJ Bus Replacement Service – Resident Advisor podcast #610 2018-02-05 [ download]

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DJ Bus Replacement Service - Resident Advisor podcast #610 2018-02-05