David Rodigan on BBC Radio 2 2011-07-28 part 3

“David Rodigan showcases his love for all types of reggae music in a new ten-part series for Radio 2. With an hour of classic roots and reggae music from the 60s to the present day, Rodigan celebrates reggae’s back catalogue and looks to its future. Playing the best in reggae, roots, ska and rocksteady, each song will be linked by Rodigan’s encyclopaedic knowledge and warm reflective stories from reggae music’s history. There will also be guests and live sessions from classic artists. This week, Silly Games by Janet Kay is a British lovers rock anthem, and you can hear it again with Rodigan, alongside 60s Jamaican beach music from John Holt and The Paragons, and roots-rock-reggae anthems by Burning Spear and Dennis Brown. Big bass lines, rocksteady rim shots, glorious harmonies and sweet rhythms on BBC Radio 2.”

David Rodigan on BBC Radio 2 2011-07-28 part 3 [Filesonic]

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  1. hi, great show thanks as always for the upload. i can’t find part 2 though, could i have the url please? keep up the good work!

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