Data Transmission podcast #199 from Mat Playford

“Mat Playford should be called the ‘Mad Professor’. With an array of analogue and digital gear, and a plethora of singles behind him already, Mat steps up the pace after his recent Portraits compilation and his new live set-up set Space Ibiza on fire. The eccentric, unapologetic and innovative DJ – known for his super special hardware and software set-up – is a true fan of dance music of all kinds, as long as it holds unique and special qualities that remove the sound from its usual confines, something that was expertly demonstrated on his recent mix for We Love,who invited Mat to be resident fortheir 2011 Ibiza season at Space. Needless to say, Mat shuns generic styles and limitations, constantly keeping himself pushing innovations in the delivery and formation of dance music – no matter whether it’s techno, house, electronica or beyond. Dive in to his Data Transmission podcast and get an earful of his passionate formula… ”

Data Transmission podcast #199 from Mat Playford [Filesonic]

Data Transmission podcast #199 from Mat Playford

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