Core News Sessions #6 – I.D. – bass music

Finally, Core News Sessions #6 is here! This time I’m really proud to present you an exclusive mix from a true bass head called I.D. He has many releases under his name including several with Baobinga.
He is also running a website called bassmusicblog where he and his mates posts great, you guessed it, bass music. On his blog he has started a Youtube-project where I.D. is posting every track that he has released. Well worth checking out.

You will find several unreleased tunes in Core News Sessions #6 and many from Bristol, where I.D. lives. I.D. describes the mix to be a bit warm, a bit melodic, a bit science-fiction, maybe even a bit ‘outer space’. I’ve been listening to the mix a dozen of times during the last time and I can strongly recommend it!

Core News Sessions #6 – I.D. – bass music by Core News on Mixcloud

Core News Sessions #6 – I.D.

Om Unit- Ether (Terrorhythm Recordings)
Skyence – Precious Time (Echodub)
Sclist – Mirrored (Gyu remix) (Urban Scrumping)
Scientist vs Guido – Korg Back Remix (Tectonic)
Setspeed – Droptools (Bass Music)
Skinnz – Euphorbia (Boka)
I.D. vs Skinnz – No Love (Earwax)
Arkist – Only If You Mean It (Immerse)
I.D. – Rollage (dub)
Reso & I.D. – Engram (Smokin’ Sessions)
Baobinga & I.D. – Wang It (dub)
I.D. – Feudal (Bass Music)
Blawan – Iddy (Hessle Audio)
I.D. – Sketch (dub)
Skinnz – Make Me Feel (dub)
Subscape – Jus Coz (Dub Police)
Jus Wan – Miles Away

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