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Chris Liebing – AM FM 262 2020-03-16

19 March, 2020 (10:19) | Techno | By: Core News

“Set Report AMFM 262
This week´s #AMFM is the second hour of my all night long set at the wonderful De Marktkantine in Amsterdam on February 22nd 2020. It was my first time ever playing there and I can already spoil it.. most likely not the last, as it was such an amazing ride with a highly “up for it” crowd. I played all in all 6 and a half hours and you gonna be able to listen to the whole of it on a weekly, hourly basis. I love doing all night long sets, especially because you are setting your own mood for the night. The critical time is usually the moment when enough people are in the venue and you need to raise the energy level bit by bit at the right time. Having an “up for it” crowd helps immensely and lucky for me that was the case. So thank you all who came out and helped create that night together. The BPM of the night varied between 122 and 134 and it was a somewhat effortless ride throughout, always a good sign when you don’t have to think hard of what to play next and where to take it… I know, I repeat myself…. but again thanks to that amazing venue and crowd. Hope you enjoy it. Tracklisting is as always not in order.. but it at least tells you what I played.”

Chris Liebing – AM FM 262 2020-03-16 [ download]

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