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Chris Liebing – AM.FM #014 2015-06-16

16 June, 2015 (18:47) | Techno | By: Core News

“This week´s show was recorded between 2 and 3 am at Toffler Club in Rotterdam on May 8th 2015. The night was hosted by my good friend Benny Rodrigues, one of the best and nicest DJs I know. You might also know him for his ROD project, btw. a new release by ROD is on the way on CLR and if you listen closely you can hear it somewhere in the set.
Toffler is a rebuilt old underground tube station, which holds maximum about 400-500 people and has a quite interesting feature. The whole DJ booth at the very end of the club can move further back into the room depending on the amount of people entering the club, so the dance floor becomes bigger and bigger the more people come in. I did an all-nighter, meaning I started right at the beginning at 11 pm and played till closing at 6 am. Well actually we went till 6:30 in the end…. I really enjoy these long sets, also to start playing when no one is in yet and to be responsible for the journey through different styles over the whole night. Since the middle of the 90’s when I was resident DJ at the OMEN in Frankfurt I enjoy opening a night, which sadly rarely happens these days, so the night in Rotterdam was a special one for me again.”

Chris Liebing – AM.FM #014 2015-06-16 [ download] [ download]

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Chris Liebing - AM.FM #014 2015-06-16

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