New free mp3 release: Milieu – Sophiesongs

Nice to listen some laid back IDM after tons of core music.
Here is a new release from Milieu on custom music records.

Milieu – Sophiesongs
01. Theme
02. Greenscreen Boredoms
03. Top Bunk Breaks
04. Nights Alone In The Attic
05. Blank Disk
06. Sunroof Cruiser
07. First Time Leaving
08. Bulb Dub
09. Sinewave Sentinel
10. The Drive Home
11. Greenscreen Boredoms (A+100 Mix)
12. Nights Alone In The Attic (Thisket Mix)

Milieu - Sophiesongs

“Milieu’s “Sophiesongs” consists of lovely 8-bit and 16-bit stylings unearthed for a special Custom Music release. This collection also contains RARE remixes by CMR allstars A+100 and Thisket. A very special treat indeed.”

Download all the tracks as a zip file or the individual tracks here.

New podcast mix of Sublight tunes from XLR8R magazine

Seems like breakcore is getting some hype..
The Flashbulb made a mix for XLR8R magazine.

Taken from 2007/05/podcast_sublight_records.
“Since 2004, Winnipeg, Canada’s Sublight Records has been a crucial force in the breakcore and experimental electronic stratospheres, releasing albums from bedroom maniacs Servants of the Apocalyptic Goat Rave, The Gasman, and Ebola (just listen to the names!).

In homage to the headache-inducing label and its fleet of artists, XLR8R commissioned Benn Jordan (a.k.a. The Flashbulb) to compile a mix of the scratchy, doomy, spazzed-out ‘core we’ve come to embrace over the past few years. Featuring anti-hits from the likes of Venetian Snares, Richard Devine, and Wisp, our latest podcast will rip you to shreds. Hear his mix now, exclusively at the XLR8R Podcast DJ Mix Series.”

Here is the download:
1. Puzzleweasel “FODHOVL”
2. Mark Swift “The Midsummers Swift”
3. Richard Devine “Arc Acid”
4. Wisp “Untethered”
5. The Flashbulb “The Sun And The Star”
6. Enduser “Interruption “1
7. Ebola “Wet T-shirt DSP”
8. Venetian Snares “Yip Yaps”
9. Belladonnakillz “The Man”
10. Datach’i “Lilian”
11. Gareth Clarke “Espirit De Corps”
12. Mr. Projectile “You Need (Cepia Mix)”
13. Synthamesk “Black Sky”
14. The Gasman “Qunce”
15. Lynx And Ram “Walls Are Melting”
16. Acrnym “Kate Says Aye”

Here is the podcast Podcast_Mix_2007_05_03.m4a

New release on Rephlex: The Tuss – Rushup Edge CAT189

Rumor is that this release on Rephlex is work from Aphex Twin himself.There is already an EP
out called Confederation Trough EP. You can listen to the tracks on boomkat and decide yourself what to believe…

Here is what warpmart got to say about the EP:
“We don’t know for sure either, but it looks and sounds like the work of our favorite Analord. There were rumours that it’s two French guys, and then the press information says it’s some bloke called Gary with a very Cornish surname, who XL and Ninja Tune wanted to sign, but somehow much smaller label Rephlex signed him, hmm….

But the problem with all this is, it couldn’t sound anymore like Richard D. James if he shouted ‘My name is Richard D. James and I wrote this’ over the top.

Anyway, it’s very good, 3 strong tracks in three different styles, in keeping with the analord analogue instrumentation but with a bit more abstraction.”

Amon Tobin – Studio mix February 2007

Found this nice studio mix from Amon Tobin.

Amon’s studio mix Feb 07 [320kbs]

Amon Tobin – ‘Always’
Amon Tobin – ‘Taxidermia’ [End Credit remix]
Two Fingers – Untitled instrumental
Spank Rock – ‘Bump’ [Switch remix]
Amon Tobin – ‘Chatty Rhythm’
Amon Tobin – ‘Esthers’
Two Fingers – Untitled instrumental
Amon Tobin – ‘Kitchen Sink’
Amon Tobin – ‘Keep Your Distance’
Two Fingers – Untitled instrumental
Spank Rock – ‘What It Look Like’
Two Fingers – Untitled instrumental
Amon Tobin – ‘The Killer’s Vanilla’

Check out his myspace and be sure to buy his latest album Foley Room.

New mix: Zajko – Spaceman Spliff Session 15

Different styles in this mix from the Canadian man Zajko.


1. Zajko – The beast that stalks the halls of sub-level 3
2. Plasticman – Camel Ride
3. Boxcutter – Hyloz
4. Milanese – Mr. Bad News
5. connect_icut – Birdies Is/Birdies Ain’t
6. Enduser – Another door opens
7. Venetian Snares – Senki Dala & Ongyilkos Vasarnap (Bong-Ra Remix)
8. Amon Tobin – Bloodstone
9. Four Tet – Hands
10. Clark – Matthew Unburdened
11. Capitol K – Breakers
12. Arovane & Phonem – Valid
13. Somatic Responses – Eight
14. Emotional Joystick – giorni di malattia
15. Edward J Devane – Money for Beer?
16. Limbertimbre – Funny
17. Cylobotnia – Got My Pass