The Teknoist presents – Cock Rott Columbo- free mp3 album on Cock Rock Disco

The Teknoist got a new free mp3 release out on Cock Rock Disco. It’s on the hardcore/breakcore side including a remix of Bong-Ra’s wicked tune Blood and Fire.

The Teknoist presents -  Cock Rott Columbo

The Teknoist presents – Cock RottColumbo

The Teknoist – Captain Fabulosos Cave of Hair
The Teknoist – Dootchbag
The Teknoist – Juts dog Tarker
The Teknoist – Statement of intentional Bitterness
The Teknoist – The Time Has Past
Void Settler – Blackguard (The Teknoist Remix)
Bong-Ra & Dirty Dread – Blood and Fire (The Teknoist remix)
Bonus tracks from Ninja Columbo Records:
Michael J Rocks – Dystopian Movements
Scheme Boy – Kiss My Abyss

Plugin – Restroom Records Selected breakcore mix

The New Year is closing so what is better than a mix consisting of hardcore and breakcore love?? Check out this mix consisting of music from Restroom Records.

Plugin – Restroomrecords Selected

1. The Man Unknown – The Sentinel
2. The Man Unknown – 2042
3. Kowareta Hyoushi – Menschen Wie Du und Ich
4. Kowareta Hyoushi – Tomodachi
5. Amboss – Machine Performance
6. Stormtrooper – Testing Tactical Testicles
7. Jitteburg Devil – Spoothead
8. Amboss – Plug Me In
9. Adam Strang – Wanking to Satanic Zombieslasher Porn
10. Retrigger – Erections
11. Ambassador 21 – Hero CTRLer RMX
12. Eiterherd – Daemon (Hakkerz Release)
13. Amboss – Dematerialisation
14. Retrigger – Anal Intruder
15. Amboss – Ex Pi Ate
16. Retrigger – Jungle Robber
17. Buckettovsissors – Provocatures
18. Umkra – Avant l’Emeute
19. 5xpi – Whatta Wonderful Morning
20. The Man Unknown – Solaris

Live sets from SCHIZOPHRENIA II in Detroit

Decker, from the Grindthieves blog, recorded 8 hardcore/breakcore live sets from Schizophrenia II in Detroit, December 1st.

Adjust live mp3 (39:09, 35.9 MB)
Cutups live mp3 (57:47, 53 MB)
Fanny live mp3 (49:32, 45.4 MB)
Davros vs. Unibomber live mp3 (51:41, 47.4 MB)
Noize Creator live mp3 (50:48, 46.6 MB)
Doormouse live mp3 (22:33, 20.7 MB)
Fishead live mp3 (73:21, 67.2 MB)
Xanopticon live mp3 (79:05, 72.5 MB)

Another new free net release from Wrong Music – Nailbomb Cults – Nailbomb Tea Party Mixtape

The Wrong Crew are busy releasing new stuff. Kudos to them for keeping our ears busy!!

Their 8th release is a breakcore/gabba mixtape from Nailbomb Cults (Nailbomb Cults on myspace). Lots of bangers on this mixtape.

The download

Nailbomb Cults - Nailbomb Tea Party Mixtape

1. Warst – Mutha Fuckin Noize Show (Cock Rock Disco – White Cock 02)
2. LFO Demon – Skinhead Broke my Telephone (sprengstoff 02)
3. Dr Bastardo – Murder Rave (Proboscus Records Free MP3 Comp)
4. Helix – Toxic (Marionette Records sampler)
5. Nailbomb Cults – Mutant Brain Resource (mp3)
6. Johnny Violent – I’m Gonna Fuck You (Earache MOSH 153 CD)
6b. Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away
7. Hellfish & Producer – Toilet Wars (Deathchant 39)
8. Knifehandchop – Deinze-Gent Trainwreck (Death$ucker D$R 14.0)
9. Skee-lo – I Wish
10. Noisekick – Still Alive (TNI-Limited 002)
11. Aaron Spectre – Look out Fi Liar (Deathsucker D$R 12.0)
12. Wendy Milan – Gabberdisco (Shockwave SH-8882)
13. Wisp – Green Hill Path (Terminal Dusk TD001)
14. Noize Creator – Dying World (Suburban Trash STI019)
15. Strog – Fucked Up Limberity (Anal Terror ep – RBZH01)
16. Terrorhate – Megahead (Marionette Records Sampler)
17. H-Rock – Crunkcore Anthem (Teen Suicide – TEEN01)
17b. Cypress Hill – We Aint Going Out Like That
18. DJ Floorclearer – Strange the Giant Elephant (Death$ucker D$R 16.0)
18b. DJ Scotch Egg – Scotch Land (Adaadat – ADA0007/CD)
19. Passenger of Shit – Wank My Farting Fanny Vomit (Shitwank MP3)
20. DJ Rainbow Ejaculation – Time to Call in the Carpet Cleaning Professionals (Cock Rock Disco – Crock012)

Check out this post if you missed the seven first releases from Wrong Music.

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.08.10 with Ade Fenton and KTL

The Mary Anne Hobbs show this week is called “Xperimental Xtremes” with more experimental sounds than usual. Guest sets from Ade Fenton and KTL.

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Mary Anne Hobbs – with Ade Fenton and KTL [Uploaded.net download]

Vorpal- ‘Cartoon Violence For Camille Saint-Saens’ (Sublight) (LP- Digressions)
Gazormass- ‘Todial Chamber Tu’ (WWilko) (LP- F***FranceGermany)
Jakes- ‘3Kout’ (Dubplate)
Rusko- ‘2 Far’ (Dubplate)
Jega- ‘Aerodynamic’ (White)
Aphex Twin- ‘Lornaderek’ (Warp) (LP- Drukqs)
0=0- ‘Xtata VIP’ (White)
Superimposer- ‘Catalyst’ (Extended Version) (Dubious Audio) (LP- Thought Fungus)
Bob Humid- ‘It’s Warm Besides The Submarine Cables’ (Suburban Trash) (LP- Second Wind Phenomenon)
MiJim- ‘Eiphon Skank’ (Dubplate)
Earzumba- ‘Patita Ronosa’ (Dial SinFin) (LP- Hermsos Movimiento & Florence Escondido)
Murcof- ‘Cosmos I’ (Leaf) (LP- Cosmos)
False- ‘Disease/George Washington’ (M_nus)

**Ade Fenton’s Future Industrial Mix**

MC Totally Rad & DJ F***- ‘Burning Desire’ (Jarring Effects) (LP- Jfx 1 Digital Antithests)
Fantomas- ‘Night Of The Hunter (by Walter Schumann)’ (Ipecac) (LP- The Director’s Cut)
Moving Ninja- ‘Uranium’ (Tectonic)
John Tchicai- ‘Lullaby’ (Treader) (LP- John Tchicai with Strings)

**KTL Live In Session**

Mica & The Cluster Collective- ‘Clean Dirty Mic’ (Dubplate)
Seaming- ‘Vertigo Billy’ (White)
Xela- ‘Masculine Guilt’ (Rite) (LP- Electronic Music)
Ricardo Villalobos- ‘What’s Wrong My Friend’ (Perlon)
Toothgrinder- ‘Animosity’ (Drumcorps Mix) (White)

Support the show by listening to the stream on their site!

Seven new free mp3 releases from Wrong Music

The Wrong Music site just got a new design that looks much better than the old.
They have also started a new net label called Wrong Lab and the first seven releases are already out. The releases are by Popadom Pavlova, Bunglegushcore, Ladyscraper, Ebola, DJ Cheesemaster, Political Necroshemalebob and Roger Species.

I haven’t had the time to listen to them all so can’t vouch for the quality, but I have been digging Wrong Music releases before. These releases seem to be the same kind of crazy breakcore, mashup, experimental business.

The downloads:

Ebola – Workshop of Filthy Creation
Roger Species – Play This Film Loud
Political Necroshemalebob – 8 Bit Politics
DJ Cheesemaster Tribute to NND
Bunglegushcore – Circus Circus
Ladyscraper – Blood and Semen
Popadom Pavlova – Don’t Get Ajax Rage

New free mp3 release from Cock Rock Disco: Ladyscraper – The Death Of Mary Poppins

Another great release from Cock Rock Disco. This time Ladyscraper is dishing up some hardcore vibes for us.

Press release thing:
“Our last free album by Vorpal (~the end) continues to get glowing praise and ever higher download numbers. Now, fresh on it’s heels, comes a 43 minute behemoth of an album by England’s Ladyscraper: “The Death Of Mary Poppins”. Even though that title sounds pretty fucking stupid, it sort of encapsulates the music; both brutal and good-natured, dark yet optimistic. It’s a new sort of super-dark sound with a silver lining. We’re pleased as hell with it!! We hope you all really spread the word on this one- It’s 100% free and fucking GREAT!”

Download it here.

Ladyscraper - the death of mary poppins

1 100 Year Of Chicken Thief
2 2 In The Pink 1 In The Stink
3 Nunchucker
4 Hooke
5 Amputee
6 Tuboturd (Smack Down Mix)
7 Lady And The Lulu – featuring Lulu Deluxe
8 Gang Banger
9 Too Much BSG
10 Stick

Free release from Czech net label Amenorea

First release from the Czech net label Amenorea is a compilation with tunes from artists I have never heard about.
Mostly different styles of breakcore on this one. Some very nice tunes!

[AREA001] V.A. – Glam Dancefloor

[AREA001] V.A. - Glam Dancefloor

01. Andy Omen – Definitions (3:41)
02. Blasterspheric – Forgotten Broken Souls (4:58)
03. JeRe – enclave (7:12)
04. Thye – Spectrum (6:50)
05. Medulla Oblongata – Edward Wood Jr. Story (4:13)
06. Babylon Disco – You, Me and a Million Pies (3:16)
07. M.A.C. of Mad – H.y.m. Update (5:50)
08. Ciastcore – Drugij Takt Pieried Pierwym (3:52)
09. DJ Ninja Love Mistake – Pocket Paradise (4:38)
10. SaPeR – BLuNT FoRCe TRauMa (3:50)
11. Blasterspheric – Daylight Eclipse (4:41)
12. KwasioR – GeT ouT oF mY liFe (2:48)
13. M.A.C. of Mad – Psykotek (Narcopolo Remix) (3:14)
14. Foia – Spandau Bullets (4:04)
15. Thye – Spontaneus Combustion (5:10)
16. DJ Ninja Love Mistake – Crocs Rule (4:49)
17. B.Slave Vs. dotZOLDER – Everlasting Anonymity (4:08)

Here is what the label got to say about themselves:
“Amenorea is a Czech netlabel, created in April 2007 [23.4.] by two people, who are hated for their opinions and attitudes to the decay of local electronic music scene in the Czech republic. this label links Czech and foreign producers and presents their work, ranging from break/metal/8bit/idm to experimental (*.core). amenorea is a non-profit organization, all releases are free for download.”

New mix from Hanuman – Crafty Butcher Mix

I really love the mixes from Hanuman. The mixes always have such a nice selection of different types of electronic music and folk music! A winner combination in my book.

Check out the latest mix here:


Ahmed Mneimneh — Aini Bet Ref (Rough Guide)
Toddla T feat Serocee — Inna Di Dancehall (1965)
Hanuman — Crafty Butcher Riddim (Unreleased)
Mahala Rai Banda — Iest Sexy (crammed)
Boikutt and Stormtrap feat. Lethal Skills — Qararat (Unreleased)
Gwen Stefani — Hollaback Girl (Instrumental)
Doormouse — Chamura Noise Loop (Distort)
Mercan Dede — Walking on the Red Sea (Dreams of the Sufi Saints) (Golden Horn)
Shackleton — I Want to Eat You (Mordant Music)
Hanuman & Ed Mowat — Welcome to Jonestown (Unreleased)
Municiple — Possessed (Unreleased)
Burial — Unite (Soul Jazz)
Os Tchtutchcos — Chapa Quente (Essay)
Mala — Left Leg Out (DMZ)
Frederic Galliano feat Tony Amado, Pinta Tirru, Zoca Zoca and Gata Aggresiva — Mwana Tchoa (Frikyiwa)
Sinden & The Count of Monte Cristal — Beeper (Counterfeet)
Boban Markoviæ Orkestar — Od Srca (soulstar)
Lady Fury — Too Much Drugs (Ghislain Poirier Remix) (Chocolate Industries)
Monkey Steak — Ratatosk’s Tree Riddim (Unreleased)
Dizzee Rascal — Flex (XL)
Zed Bias feat. Juiceman and Nicky — Time Out (Locked On)
Clipse Feat Pharell — Me Too (Zomba)
DJ C — Gone a Jail (Version) (Shockout)
Balkan Beat Box — Gypsy Queens (Crammed)
Atki2 & Spragga Benz — Medium Rare (Unreleased)
Remarc — Bad Bwoy (Planet Mu)
Anthony Johnson — Gunshot (Midnight Rock)
Nihil Fist — Think and Destroy B1 (Praxis)
Skream — Sub Island (Soul Jazz)
Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor — Vamvakaris (Edit) (Unsound)
Rusko — Hornz Cru (Dub Police)
Shackleton — Hamas Rule (Skull Disco)
Mr Gasparov — Lost in Communication (Unreleased)
D.I.M — Airbus Baby (Turbo)
Skepta feat Wiley, JME, Bearman, Jammer, Trim, Footsie — Duppy (Boy Better Know)

New compilation coming from Sublight Records

Sublight Records is releasing their second compilation CD this June. Looks like a wicked release!
You can listen to some previews here.

1. No Servant – Datach’i
2. Law School – Lynx And Ram
3. Ego Go – Belladonnakillz
4. For Him – Sincere Trade
5. Party People – Donna Summer
6. No Sponge – Acrnym
7. Our Furry Past Life – The Flashbulb
8. The Final Night – Not Breathing
9. Trylledild – Puzzleweasel
10. Humdrumdrum III – Not Half
11. The Springtime Swift – Mark Swift
12. Tabula Rasa – Gareth Clarke
13. Strict Egg – Ra
14. Bustin Loose – Duran Duran Duran
15. Reptilian Cell Matter – Ebola
16. Fear – Enduser
17. Metalphetermines – Fanny

“Following the extremely well recieved 2006 smasher “Eyelicker” here comes another no filler CD compilation of 17 previously unreleased tracks from artists DONNA SUMMER, DATACH’I, ENDUSER, THE FLASHBULB, PUZZLEWEASEL, DURAN DURAN DURAN, RA, BELLADONNAKILLZ, LYNX AND RAM, SINCERE TRADE, GARETH CLARKE, EBOLA as well as other new and vetran sublight artists churning out exclusive never before released tracks. “Imaginary Friends” CD comes out July 3rd, 2007 on Sublight.”