Drum and Bass

Drum and Bass (D&B) is a high-energy genre of electronic music originating in the UK in the early 1990s. It is characterized by fast breakbeats, powerful basslines, and a BPM range of 160-180. The genre has evolved into subgenres like neurofunk, known for its dark sound, and liquid funk, which features smoother and more melodic elements. Drum and bass has a global influence, with a vibrant club and festival culture, and has produced iconic artists like Goldie and Noisia.
On Core News you can find the latest Drum and Bass radio shows and DJ sets for your listening pleasure!

Cutups – Nuke Rave mix – electro, dubstep, grime, old school

This new mix from Cutups (the guy running Wrecked Distro) got some heavy party vibes. The mix consists of electro, dubstep, grime, old school jungle to name a few of the genres. I like it! 🙂

Cutups – Nuke Rave mix

midnight juggernauts – nine lives
justice – phantom pt. II (soulwax remix)
danger – 11h30 (data remix)
hail social – heaven (designer drugs remix)
timbaland – throw it on me (bloody beetroots remix)
hot pink delorean – freak night
girljoy – clip (kanji kinetic remix)
pirate soundsystem – pssr plunder remix
fancy lad fairys – samo ti (a1 bassline rmx)
blend! – here we go again
burial – archangel (boy 8 bit’s simple re-mix)
ltj bukem – demon’s theme pt 2
kid cudi – day ‘n’ nite (crookers remix)
big ang vs dirty dame – that jungle thing
south rakkas crew – mad again (fake blood remix)
h two o feat platinum – what’s it gonna be (agent x re-rub club mix)
ironsoul – you liar
dynamite mc – rush the dj
tes la rok – lickshot
dizzee rascal – flex (dave spoon mix)
altern-8 – armageddon (cosmo remix)
krome & time – the slammer
bloody beetroots – i love the bloody beetroots (drop)
phuture assassins – future sound (2 bad mice remix)
the wise man – 91 trip
axwell – i found you (high contrast old skool revenge mix)
murderbot – fi you vip
london electricity – hanging rock
justin time – here i am
search & destroy – work it!
society suckers – zettai remix

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 03 12 Scorn vs King Cannibal

This week on Mary Anne Hobbs we get sets from Scorn and King Cannibal. Nice to hear more drum&bass on MAH!

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 03 12 Scorn vs King Cannibal [Filesonic download]

Various Production vs. David Cloud – ‘Puff Rider’ (Fire)
Funckarma – ‘Cable Path’ from the ‘Stub Dane’ EP (Highpoint Lowlife)
Doctor – ‘Highly Rated’ (Dubplate)
Culprit 1 – ‘No Need To Ask’ Reso’s Resurrection remix (Exceptional)
Christian Dittmann – ‘Micromundo Circular’
Grievous Angel – ‘Culture Killer’ refix (Electrik Dagon/SonicDragon)
DJ Pinch – ‘Dr Carlson’ (Punch Drunk)
Arne Michel – ‘Danke/Goodbye’ (White Label)
Ital Tek – ‘Insomniac’ (Planet Mu)
The Others – ‘Africa VIP’ (Dub Police)
Claro Intelecto – ‘Rise’ (Modern Love)
Scorn – ‘Gravel Bed’ Bracket remix (Combat Dubplate)


Scorn mix
Scorn – ‘Glugged’ (Ohm Resistance)
Scorn – ‘1.75 Tc’ [Version] (Ohm Resistance)
Scorn – ‘Stripped Back Hinge’ (Ohm Resistance)
Scorn – ‘Double Elips’ (Dubplate)
Scorn – ‘Gravel Bed’ (Combat Records)
Scorn – ‘The Palomar’ (Ohm Resistance)
Scorn – ‘In The Margins’ (Record Label Records)
Scorn – ‘Rove’ [Version] (Ohm Resistance)
Scorn – ‘Running Rig’ (Ohm Resistance)
Scorn – ‘Monster Crab’ (Dubplate)
Scorn – ‘Super Mantis’ (Combat Records)

King Cannibal mix
Scientist – ‘Plague Of Zombies’ (Greensleeves Records)
Technical Itch – ‘Hidden Faces’ (Technical Itch Recordings)
Trace & Nico – ‘Amtrak’ (No U Turn Records)
King Cannibal – ‘7 Black Notes’ (Dubplate)
King Cannibal – ‘Hundred Eyes Closed’ (Rag & Bone)
Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz – ‘Throw It Up’ Remix Acapella (TVT Records)
King Cannibal – ‘Bad Man Near Dark’ Komonazmuk Remix (Forthcoming on Combat Recordings)
King Cannibal – ‘Ferox Riddim’ (Dubplate)
King Cannibal – ‘Flower Of Flesh and Blood’ (Kriss Records)
Tru – ‘Where u From’ Acapella (New No Limit Recordings)
King Cannibal – ‘Doomsday Dancehall’ (Dubplate)
King Cannibal – ‘Beneath The Surface’ (Uncharted Audio)
King Cannibal ft Early Out – ‘Funeral Again’ Acapella (Forthcoming on Shockout Recordings)
King Cannibal – ‘Aragami Style’ (Forthcoming on Kriss Records)
Scorn – ‘Super Mantis’ King Cannibal Remix (forthcoming on Combat Recordings)

Kode 9 & The Spaceape – ‘Konfusion’ (Dubplate)
RND – ‘ID Burnt’ (Celestial Dragon)
Grievous Angel – ‘Lady Dub’ (Dubplate)
L-Wiz – ‘Amy Diamond’ Tes La Rok remix (Dubplate)

Electronic Explorations – Week 015 with Combat Recordings

Week 15 of Electronic Explorations starts of with some great drum&bass tunes! I’ve been loving d&b lately.
There is also a showcase of tracks from the label Combat Recordings.

Electronic Explorations – Week 015 with Combat Recordings

(01) – Evol Intent – 8 Bit Bitch (Spor Remix) – [Evol Intent]
(02) – King Cannibal – Call Me Mr. Cold Blooded – [Rag & Bone]
(03) – DJ Hidden – Death Seer – [Ad Noiseam]
(04) – Reso – Onslaught – [Urban Graffiti]
(05) – Cotti – The Search – [Souljazz Records]
(06) – Dabrye – Air ft Doom (Kode9 Remix) – [Ghostly International]
(07) – Dub Child – Take Me (Boxcutter Remix) – [Storming Productions]
(08) – Pure H – ‘Signia Remixes’ – Ice Glass (Surgeon’s Enslaved Population mix) – [pharmafabrik.com]
(09) – Wireman – Armour – [myspace/iamwireman]
(10) – The Third Man – Exhaustion – [White]

Combat Recordings Label Showcase — Exclusive Mix for Electronic Explorations
01 – Stormfield – Intro (sewer Scene)
02 – Komonazmuk & White Boi – Apocalypse
03 – Cursor Miner – Carnivore (Milanese remix)
04 – Stormfield – Interlude (Gutter Ambush)
05 – Stormfield – Inner silence, Outer Violence
06 – Stormfield – Haiku (blackmass VIP)
07 – ScanOne – Atlas
08 – Dolphin – Mimulus
09 – ScanOne – static shock
10 – ScanOne – Mr Tant (Point B Remix)
11 – Blackmass Plastics – Bigabunda
12 – ScanOne – 7th Bullet (Ardisson VIP)

(11) – Ranking Records – The Nature of It – (Ft.Foreign Beggars & Virus Syndicate) – [Ranking Records]
(12) – Untold – Kingdom – [Hessle Audio]
(13) – Pablo Bolivar – Into The Televerse (Andy Stott Remix) – [Dpress Industries]

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 03 25 with Shackleton

This week on Mary Anne Hobbs there is a repeat of the Shackleton mix from November 2007 and some news about line up of Sonar festival 2008.
Fave tunes this week are Badawi vs Kode 9 – ‘Den Of Drumz’ (Roir) and Amit – ‘Propaganda’ – (Commercial Suicide).
Check out my archives for older Mary Anne Hobbs radio shows and subscribe to the feed if you want to check out future shows.

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 03 25 with Shackleton [Filesonic download]

Unitz – ‘The Drop’ (Dubplate)
Amit – ‘Propaganda’ – (Commercial Suicide)
Ghetto – ‘Mountain’ (Dubplate)
Badawi vs Kode 9 – ‘Den Of Drumz’ (Roir)
Pattie Blingh & The Akebulan Five – ‘Brother: The Point’ 2562 remix (Ramp)
The Tape vs RQM – ‘Luvely’ Chris De Luca G-Whstile remix
Overcast Radio – ‘Honky Paradise’ (Dubplate)
Look ahead to Sonar 2008
Shackleton feat. Tenfold Vengeance – ‘The Rope Tightens’ (Skull Disco)
Flying Lotus – ‘Beginner’s Falafel’ (Warp)
Mala – ‘Changes’ (DMZ)
T Polar – ‘Six Of Stealths’ (Digital pre-release)
Clouds – ‘Protecting Hands Part 2’ (Dubplate)
Wiley – ‘Local Lad’ (Dubplate)

Shackleton Mix
Shackleton featuring Tenfold Vengeance ‘The Rope Tightens (Skull Disco)
Shackleton – ‘In The Void’ (Skull Disco)
Shackleton featuring Tenfold Vengeance – ‘The Branch Is Weak’ (Skull Disco)
Shackleton – ‘Satan Is In The Labyrinth’ (Skull Disco)
Shackleton – ‘Death Is Not Final’ (Skull Disco)

Scorn – ‘Snag’ from the LP ‘Stealth’ (Ohm Resistance)
King Cannibal – ‘Arigami Style’ (Dubplate)
Natasja – ‘Idlebrand I Byen’ 2000F mix (Kraken)
Magnetic Man – ‘Ligma’ (Dubplate)
Sunken Foal – ‘Colloidal Silver’ (White Label)
Wedge – ‘Inner Mind’ (3.5 Recordings Dubplate)
Forsaken – ‘Fighting Spirit’ (Immerse Dubplate )

Wanklerotaryengine – What tha F*ck, is my Purpose? – Jungle, breakcore, dubstep, bounce mix

Wanklerotaryengine is out with a new wild mix of jungle, breakcore, dubstep, bounce and so on tunes. Wicked stuff that make you wanna move and all mixed with vinyl 🙂
Check out an older mix by him here

Wanklerotaryengine – What tha F*ck, is my Purpose?

DJ C – This is a Stage Show (Refix/Played@Silly Speed)
Cardopusher – Fighters Unite
Hey O Hansen – Fire
DJ C – Come Back Version
Krumble – Dread Bull Plastic
Aaron Spectre & Prodigal Son – Say Yeh
Ghislain Poirier feat Mr Lee G – Dem Nah Like Me (Remix)
Aaron Spectre – Look Out Fi Liar
Ghislain Poirier – Diasporia
DJ C – Ransom Version
Hey O Hansen – Babylon System
Aceyalone feat Jah Orah – Jungle Muzik
General Malice feat Sanchez – Kill Em All (Mashup Remix)
Istari Lasterfahrer – Can’t Tek No More
Krumble – Backward Country Boy Explosion
Stivs – Dustbinmen
Rotator – Untouchables
Istari Lasterfahrer – F*ck with my Crew (Remix)

This is the fuckin hardcore – Massive mix made by Ninja Tune forum members

A gang from the Ninja Tune forum have made a massive hardcore mix with tons of breakcore, old school hardcore, gabba, rave, hip hop, and so on. The contributers have each made of 10 minutes part of 113 minute long mix.
I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about the mix, but it actually works! Made me want to rave like it was 1994.

This is the fuckin hardcore

The tracklist is enormous so here is a link to the NFO.

Inky – Outer The Office – Ragga Jungle / Drum & Bass mix

Inky have made an excellent ragga jungle/ drum & bass mix with a touch of drill n bass and IDM.
Check out his record shop Outerbound Records for lots of good vinyl and CDs.

Inky – Outer The Office

Sumone – Trapped (Unreleased)
Sumone – Sad Head (Unreleased)
X Nation – Last Breathe (Unreleased)
Fusion – Burn It Down (Kemet)
Chatter B – Dub On Fire (Kemet)
kaneda – No Option (Unreleased)
Sumone – Grow U Locks (Unreleased)
Ghost / Jahba – Bob (Life 4 Land)
Squarepusher – Tequila Fish (Warp)
Ceephax – Hull Drum And Bass (firstcask)
Goldie – Manslaughter (Rider Proto 96) (Reinforced)
Icarus – Jons Holiday (Shadow)
Sumone – Making The Best Of A Bad Situation (Sprengstoff)
Capone – Jah (Chronic)
Jega – Intron IX (Planet Mu)

Electronic Explorations – Week 011 with Somatic Responses

Electronic Explorations this week got a mix from the Welsh Somatic Responses. Rob Booth (the guy running Electronic Explorations) also included a snippet of upcoming releases on Planet Mu. Lots of interesting stuff coming from that label!

Electronic Explorations – Week 011 with Somatic Responses

(01) Somatic Responses – DUALITY (darkstepacidmix) – [Hymen]
(02) Boxcutter – Philly – [Hotflush]
(03) Breakage – Dharma – [DigitalSoundboy.com]
(04) Ital Tek – Shallow Sun – [Square Records]
(05) T++ – Allied – [Erosion]
(06) PLANET MU – Coming Soon – [www.planet-mu.com]
(07) Goth Trad – Far East Assassin – (DJ Distance Remix) – [Skud Records]
(08) Neil Landstrumm – CategoryD – [unreleased]

Somatic Responses – Exclusive Mix for http://electronicexplorations.org

1. Acidoutro (Puzzlin)
2. Beatbyter (Hymen)
3. Jimmy Breaks (unreleased)
4. Treble Dee (unreleased)
5. Time to Rethink (unreleased)
6. Meta Materials (unreleased)
7. Digital Darkness (Hymen)
8. Survival (Thaco)

(09) Coki & Movado – Gangsta 4 Life (remix) – [White]
(10) Mathew Jonson – Symphony – [Wagon Repair]
(11) Mojib – Break of Dawn – Electronic Explorations version – [white]

Electronic Explorations – Week 010 with Vex’d

This week on Electronic Explorations we get an exclusive mix from Vex’d. Lots of differnt styles in the Vex’d mix.
Great stuff as always from Electronic Explorations. Big up to that show!!

Electronic Explorations – Week 010 with Vex’d

(01) – Tolcha – What About Us ft. MC Soom T – (Al Haca – Remix) – [Tolcha digital]
(02) – Jeff Mills – Systematic – [Axis]
(03) – Wiley – Sorry, Sorry, Pardon, What – [Big Dada]
(04) – Santogold – Creator – [Atlantic]
(05) – Untold – Test Signal – [Hessle Audio 003]
(06) – Clouds – Mighty Eyeball Rays – [2nd Drop]
(07) – Jazzsteppa – AlHpa – [7Digital Download]
(08) – Sileni – Twitchy Droid Leg – (Vex’d Remix) – [Offshore Recordings]

Vex’d – Freestyle Mix – Exclusive to Electronic Explorations
Vangelis “Spiral Ascent” Blade Runner – [OST]
Cannibal Ox “Iron Galaxy” – [Def Jux]
Dabrye “Air” ft MF Doom (Dabrye remix) – [Sound-Ink]
Cdatakill “Yesterdays” – [Ad Noiseam]
Vex’d “Cold” – [Planet Mu]
Method Man “Sub crazy” – [Def Jam]
Dj Baku “Intro LL” – [Pop Group]
Dabrye “Special” ft Guilty Simpson – [Sound-Ink]
Black Uhuru “General Penitentary” – [Virgin]
High Priest “Dub Africa” – [Prizm Foundation]
Krust “Soul In Motion” – [V Recordings]
Mark Lindsay “The Ninja Shogun Assassin – [OST]
Zomby “Spliff Dub” (Rustie Remix) – [Hyperdub]
Joker “Grimey Princess” – [Earwax]
Harmonic 313 “Call to Arms” – [Warp]
Dillinja “Angels Fell” – [Metalheadz]
((Deathprod “Tron”)) Rune Grammofon
((T La Rock “It’s Yours”)) Def Jam
Ben Frost “Theory of Machines” – [Bedroom Community]
The Ronettes “Be My Baby” – [London Records]

(09) – Boxcutter – Kab 27 – [Unreleased]
(10) – Cerebral Vortex – DOIN’IT – [myspace.com/cerebralvortexftc]
(11) – Justus Kohncke – Spukhafte Fernwirkung – [Kompakt]
(12) – Autechre – Outh9X – [Warp Records]

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 02 06 with N-Type

Wicked mix from N-Type on this weeks Mary Anne Hobbs. The mix takes us on a historical ride from old school jungle to 2 step garage to the dubstep of today.
Also some exclusive and awesome drum&bass tunes from Amit and Klute.

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 02 06 with N-Type [Filesonic download]

Ghetto – ‘Top 3 Selected’ (Ruthlessrecordz)
T-Polar – ‘Six Of Stealths’ (Digital Pre-Release)
Benga – ‘E Trips’ from ‘Diary Of An Afro Warrior’ (Tempa)
Prince Kong – ‘Calamity Dogg’ (Digital pre-release)
Daybre & Doom – ‘Air’ Kode 9 mix (Ghostly International)
Amit – ‘Propaganda’ (Commercial Suicide Dubplate)
OQTO – ‘Breezed’ (Dubplate)
Mz Bratt – ‘Wat U Got 4 My Pocket’ feat, Badness & D.E.Velopment (Aftershock)
Autechre – ‘Fol 3’ from the LP ‘Quarisitice’ (Warp)
Shadowhuntaz & Kareem – ‘Say’ (Suburban Trash)
N-Type – ‘HP Sauce’ (Dubplate)

N-Type Live Mix
Gang Related & Mask – ‘Dictation’ (Dope Dragon)
Q Project – ‘Champion Sound’ (CIA)
Kenny Ken – ‘Everyman’ (Future Music)
Ray Keith – ‘The Helicopter Tune’ (Moving Shadow)
Unknown – ‘Worries In the Dance’ (London Someting)
Dreem Teem – ‘Stamina’ (White Label)
Roni Size – ‘It’s a Jazz Thing’ (Total Science)
Borderline – ‘Screwface’ (Kickin)
Conquering Lion – ‘Code Red’ (Mango Records)
Rebel MC – ‘Kunta Kinte’ (Congo Natty Recordings)
Unknown – ‘Madness’ (White Label)
Unknown – ‘Closer’ (White Label)
Skycat – ‘Endorphins’ (White Label)
Masterstepz – ‘Melody’ (Outlaw)
Dem 2 – Unknown (Locked On)
DJ DoubleG – ‘Poison’ (DJs For Life)
Unknown – ‘Mind Body and Soul’ (White Label)
Zed Bias – ‘Standard Hoodlum Issue’ (Social Circles)
The Beat Assassins – ‘If You Like It’ (El-B Remix) (Cherry)
Roxy VS El-B – ‘Cuba’ (Bison)
Elephant Man – ‘Log On’ (Greensleeves)
Danny Weed – ‘Creeper’ (Roll Deep)
Todd Edwards – ‘Restless Soul’ (i! records)
Oris Jay feat. MC E-LL – ‘Brand Nu Flava’ (Props)
Darqwan – ‘Confused’ (Texture)
N-Type – ‘Square Off’ (Southside)
Benga & LD – ‘Yes Yes’ (White Label)
Benga & Coki – ‘Night’ (Refix) (White Label)
Benga & Walsh – ‘Bassface’ (White Label)
Skream – ‘Refuel’ (White Label)
Cluekid – ‘Frogs on Acid’ (White Label)
Rusko – ‘Soundboy Is My Target’ (White Label)
Coki – ‘Robotnik’ (White Label)

Chipmunk – ‘Who Are You’ (remix) (Always)
Klute – ‘Halloween’ (Commercial Suicide)

Hoonboy live at Sonic Feud, Manchester – Breakcore & Jungle mix

Wicked breakcore/jungle mix from Hoonboy playing at Sonic Feud in Manchester.
Check out this video from the live set. Part 2 and 3 can be seen on his youtube page.

Hoonboy live at Sonic Feud, Manchester 31/01/08

01. bhangra breakcore intro
02. glowstyx – diva shining deeper
03. psychofreud – immigration law
04. the nextmen – silent weapon
05. shitmat – boom shake shake the boom
06. dj k – on a mission
07. hoonboy’s in the gusset – megamix
08. matrix reloaded – this is the new shit
09. john b – broken language (exile mix)
10. mathhead – bonafidekilla (aaron spectre mix)
11. ten pound sound – bust outta dis (ten pound mix)
12. vybz kartel – when u bad from
13. johnny clash – movement [death$ucker]
14. glowstyx – 7 daze
15. producer snafu – funky parasite riddim down (malodroit rmx)
16. carnage – bloodsucker
17. mike skinner – acapella, don’t mug yourself
18. dj floorclearer – belgian waffles [death$ucker]
19. aaron spectre & prodigal son – say yeh
20. rotator – can’t sleep
21. rotator – dancehall devastation
22. rotator – big booty
23. damien marley – welcome to jamrock

Stienski – The Jungle is still alive – ragga jungle mix

Sweet ragga jungle from Stienski. Both old and newer ragga jungle.
Give me a shout if you know about a new mix. Always looking for fresh stuff!

Stienski – The Jungle is still alive

eler – deeparting
remarc and lewi cifer – cape fear
ripclaw – nah loaf
palmatron – call to the grave
concord dawn & ill skillz – unreal
ed rush and optical – sicknote (ill skillz remix)
terror fabulous – ragga ragga ragga (whitehouse crew remix)
bagga worries & jooxie nice – legalize (remarc vip remix)
potential bad boy – l.o.v.e.
jah murda and lionman – woman come gi we it
barrington levy – she’s mine (unknown remix)
remarc – da clash
krinjah – big bad and heavy
jeru the damaja – me or the papes (dillinja remix)
busta rhymes – i love my bitch (benny page remix)
remarc – menace
krinjah – ms. goodie goodie bounce
The Fugees & DJ Hype vs Punjabi MC-ReadyOrNot vs MundianToBachKe(DnBRemix)
krinjah feat. topcat – girls remix
studio 1 – to the rescue (sour remix)
shy fx – who run tings
dj zinc vs mobb deep – shook ones (dnb remix)
shy fx – you must think first
le peuple de herbe – blunted

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 01 02 with Clark

Mary Anne Hobbs is back with another great show. Really loved the mix from Clark. It got a bit different vibe than the usual Clark stuff, folksy or something like that. Looking forward to his new album coming out in the of end of this month.

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 01 02 with Clark [Rapidgator download]

Cadence Weapon – ‘In Search Of The Youth Crew’ (Big Dada)
Christian Dittmann – ‘Barrio Alto’ (Dubplate)
Double S – ‘From Day’ (True Tiger)
Scuba – ‘Hard Boiled’ (from the LP ‘A Mutual Antipathy’) (Hotflush)
Gaston – ‘Verona’ (Thinner)
Santogold – ‘Creator’ (Lizard King)
Clark – ‘For Wolves Crew’ (Warp)
Sumone – ‘Oblivion’ (Planet Mu Dubplate)
Robert Logan – ‘Lost Highway’ (from ‘Grinder’ EP) (Slowfoot)
The Dave Elvis Experience – ‘Blue Xmas EP’ (Shaky Mix) (Tad)
DJ Distance – ‘The V’ (Dubplate)

Clark Mix
William Oaksmith-Untitled
Clipse- Mr Me Too acapella/ Voltek/Clark
Clark-Beg Clark-Penultimate Persian ( Penultimate mix)
Clark-Penultimate Persian
Underground Resistance-Communication Silence/Clark-Synths/Clark-aggro percussion
Clark-Megamud 5
Clark-Truncation Horn
Clark-Conviction Theme
Clark-Dirty Pixie Wax Stag-Folk Rock ( Bibio remix)
James Blackshaw-O True Believers

Goodna – ‘Infiltrate’ Dhruva’s Sub Step refix (Dubplate)
Flying Lotus – ‘Flattery (Sympathy For The Biters)’ (Dubplate)
Untold – ‘Test Signal’ (Hessle Audio)
Joker & Nomad – ‘Writer’s Block’ (Dubplate)
Kuma – ‘Dawn Stepped Outside’ (Horsepower Mix) (Immerse)
Sunken Foal – ‘Dutch Elm’ (Dubplate)
Bass Science – ‘Razors’ (Planet Dub)
TRG – ‘Broken Heart’ Martyn’s DC Mix (Hessle Audio)

Please support the show by listening to the stream on their site!

Hoonboys Nightmare Before Christmas – breakcore and d&b mix

Check out this wicked breakcore, raggacore, drum&bass, jungle mix from Hoonboy.
I just read on his myspace that he is looking for a booking on new years eve so if anyone got a spot open you can contact him here.

Hoonboys Nightmare Before Christmas

Hoonboys Nightmare Before Christmas
01. vinyl matt – from the education [vinyl]
02. droon – switching current (problem mix)
03. aaron spectre – say more fire (rag and bone)
04. mr kill – aerodynamit punx
05. shitmat – boom shake the boom
06. tribe of issachar ft. peter bouncer – junglist (social security vip mix)
07. soundbites – confusing anastasia [dubplate]
08. the panacea – king of the jungle
09. the panacea – panik orkestra
10. producer snafu – escaping reality
11. carnage – bloodsucker [dubplate]
12. aaron spectre – botan ricecore remix [daly city]
13. cardopusher – in the power of xtc
14. glowstyx – aethema remix [cockrockdisco]
15. ragga twins – kill sounds hard
16. producer snafu – funky parasite riddim down
17. vybz kartel – lean back riddim
18. istari lasterfahrer – sounded intelligent
19. psychofreud – what tomorrow brings
20. dj scud – mash the place up [ambush]
21. pisstank – bassbins [death$ucker]
22. glowstyx – heels of steel [cockrockdisco]
23. stivs – dustbinmen [death$ucker]