interim_descriptor – IDM mix with tons of sweet tunes

A few days ago I recieved an IDM mix in my mail box. This sweet mix is made by interim_descriptor from San Francisco, US and it consists of many of my favorite IDM tunes. You can download it as a mp3 mix or a ogg version where the tunes are split.
interim_descriptor has made this mix with a piece of software he has written from scratch. The software is using an M-Audio Xponent as a MIDI controller. Once it is ready he wants to make the software open source for everyone.

I love getting tips on new mixes and releases so please contact me if you have some information. For reviews I prefer a full version of the release.

interim_descriptor – untitled idm mix 2008 mp3 version
interim_descriptor – untitled idm mix 2008 ogg version

01 – Solvent – A Panel of Experts (Remix)
02 – 000 – Sleep Paralysis
03 – Aphex Twin – Cliffs (Wisp Rework)
04 – Tom Burbank – Gnats
05 – Daedelus – Dumbfound (edIT Remix)
06 – Bit_Meddler – Dermetfak
07 – 000 – 3 Points
08 – edIT – Laungry
09 – Lacunae – Eight Zero One
10 – 000 – Colour Ballet
11 – Lacunae – Stars Burn Out
12 – Venetian Snares – Li2CO3
13 – Scrap.edx + Liar’s Rosebush – Transplanted
14 – Aphex Twin – Z-Twig (Wisp Rework)
15 – Jega – Doric
16 – Venetian Snares – Cancel
17 – Orbital – Transient
18 – Telefon Tel Aviv – What It Is Without The Hand That Wields It

Another new mix from Zajko – Spaceman Spliff Sessions vol. 16

Another sweet mix from Zajko.

1. Aphex Twin – Meltphace 6
2. Exillon – Gtanml
3. Beefcake – GV-001-2003
4. Abelcain – Rusurrection of Imhotep
5. Plug – Riddim
6. Venetian Snares – Aamelotasis
7. Squarepusher – The Body Builder (Dressing Gown mix)
8. The Flashbulb – Ninedump
9. Chevron – Power of Eternia
10. Clark – Herzog
11. While – Slate
12. Vio Lat Cen – Sjipnenghaan
13. RJ Valeo – Generative
14. Holzkopf – Talking shit at 98db
15. Tom Burbank – Cracked
16. Himuro – Sunrise Sunset
17. Prefuse 73 – When the girp lets you go


New release on Rephlex: The Tuss – Rushup Edge CAT189

Rumor is that this release on Rephlex is work from Aphex Twin himself.There is already an EP
out called Confederation Trough EP. You can listen to the tracks on boomkat and decide yourself what to believe…

Here is what warpmart got to say about the EP:
“We don’t know for sure either, but it looks and sounds like the work of our favorite Analord. There were rumours that it’s two French guys, and then the press information says it’s some bloke called Gary with a very Cornish surname, who XL and Ninja Tune wanted to sign, but somehow much smaller label Rephlex signed him, hmm….

But the problem with all this is, it couldn’t sound anymore like Richard D. James if he shouted ‘My name is Richard D. James and I wrote this’ over the top.

Anyway, it’s very good, 3 strong tracks in three different styles, in keeping with the analord analogue instrumentation but with a bit more abstraction.”