Hard acid mix from Paul A Healy of Somatic Responses

Hard acid mix from one of the guys in Somatic Responses.
Nice with something different from all the dubstep and breakcore.

The download.

A bit lacking tracklist:
acid junkies pt 1
thomas p heckmann – ?
Silent breed – AFU
dj esp – teacher
age – trope
british murder boys – ?
edge of motion – set up 707
UR – seawolf
morph x – ?
Bang the acid
woody mcbride – TPR
mike inc – we call it acid
woody mcbride -extraz
disintergrator – dark ominous clouds
woody mcbride -?
spy – bloodstrike
zekt – ?
zekt – external
zekt – it’s goodbye

New cassette release from Ceephax Acid Crew – Funbox 2

New cassette coming from Funbox Records. This time it’s Ceephax on both sides.
I must admit that I really digg the cassette format so I hope there will be more releases!

New casette release from Ceephax Acid Crew Funbox 2
You can buy it over at Warpmart for 4.50£.

Words from warpmart:
“This is a tape of two acid ditties recorded on a long Eurostar Journey in 2005 by the Ceephax Acid Crew, like the previous Funbox release it’s a cassette, this one is much longer, two conventional albums worth c45 style, the cassette tape is better made this time, and you get a free mocked up ‘acid express’ reservation ticket with every order.”