Bok Bok – Resident Advisor podcast #391

“Nearly four years since they got into the game, Nights Slugs, the label Bok Bok runs with L-Vis 1990, is still a leading outlet for fresh club music mutations. This year has seen them both riding and transcending a trend with Club Constructions, a series of percussive workouts that puts a typically inventive spin on lo-fi house, techno and grime. The series was established last year with music from L-Vis 1990, Lil Silva and KW Gruff, and continued to expand in 2013 with Helix, Jam City and Hysterics stamping innovative twists on functionality. The Night Slugs purview also broadened to include future-facing R&B. Bok Bok was among a crew of producers who recorded beats for Kelela, a new solo artist who in September released CUT 4 ME, a free mixtape released on Fade To Mind, the Night Slugs sister label based out of New York. The talent pool runs seriously deep between the labels, but Bok Bok and co are still nurturing new names: the latest Night Slugs night in London last week featured two new additions to the roster, Neana and Deamonds.
There are echoes of Club Constructions on RA.391, with Bok Bok getting busy on the drums. He joins the dots between Xosar, Keith Worthy and Karizma, before locking the percussion into a thrill-seeking groove.”

Bok Bok – Resident Advisor podcast #391 [ download]

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Bok Bok – Resident Advisor podcast #391

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