Benji B Exploring future beats 2015-04-02 Jon T Gast and The Maghreban

“Jon T Gast is in the mix for Benji, plus In 3 Records with The Maghreban.”
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Benji B Exploring future beats 2015-04-02 Jon T Gast and The Maghreban [ download]

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2 thoughts on “Benji B Exploring future beats 2015-04-02 Jon T Gast and The Maghreban”

  1. OK here’s more completed tracklisting

    OutKast – Spottieottiedopaliscious
    Kendrick Lamar – Hood Politics
    JD. Reid – Call Me In The
    Lil Wayne – Used To (feat. Drake)
    Husdon Mohawke -Silver
    Hudson Mohawke -Very First Breath (feat. xxxxx)
    Roots Manuva – Boat Race
    Skepta – Shutdown
    A$AP Rocky – Lord Pretty Flacko Joyde 2
    Kelela – A Message
    Jamie xx -Loud Places
    We – Aeroplane
    Jam City – Unhappy
    Actress – Bird Matrix
    Anthony Naples – Miles
    Ross 154 – Until My Heart Stops
    Tapes mees the Drums Of Wareika Hill Sounds – Datura Mystic
    Ossie – Alva Flex
    Minor Science – Closing Acts
    Kaytranada – Leave Me Alone
    The Maghreban – Smack

    # The Maghreban: IN 3 RECORDS
    NoiseFactory – Breakage 4
    Studio Pressure – Pressure!!!
    Apollo2 – Altlantis (I Need You)

    Bok Bok – Papaya
    Zomby & Dogstar – Quandry
    Arca – Sad B
    John T. Gast – Ceremony

    # John T Gast MIX
    Carl B. Stokes – A Black Suite For String Quartet And Jazz Orchestra / Take This Hammer [Flying Dutchman]
    Alfred Garyevich Schnittke – Collected Songs Where Every Verse Is Filled With Grief [Nonesuch]
    Coil – Amber Rain [Threshold House]
    Tribe Of Colin – Communion Of Ancient [5 Gate Temple]
    Gigi Masin – The Word Love [Music From Memory]
    D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. – Kill All Bullies [Opal Tapes]
    Tribe Of Colin – Return To The Womb (Gast FX Mix) [5 Gate Temple]
    Biosphere – Cloudwalker [Origo Sound]
    Olivia Newton-John – Love Song [Polydor]
    Meredith Monk – Wheel [ECM]
    Nkisi – Empire Airways [Unreleased]
    Cold War Kids – Power (Gast Serpent Mix) [Unreleased]
    Portishead – The Rip (Gast Edit) [Unreleased]
    Keith Jarrett – First (Solo Voice) [ECM]
    Jeffrey Osborne – Baby (Edit) [A&M]

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