BBC Radio 1 Kutski 2009 06 13 – Hardcore and Old School mix

Kutski’s show is not something I usually listen to, but I noticed that he played an old school mix this week with banger tracks like Manix – ‘Feel Real Good’ (Reinforced Records) and 2 Bad Mice – ‘Bombscare (Original Mix)’ (Smile Communication). The rest of the show consists of UK hardcore and similiar hard styles with some gabber stabs thrown in here and there 😉

BBC Radio 1 Kutski 2009 06 13 [Hotfile download]

FIO – ‘Can’t Let You Go (Dim Krasnik Remix)’ (Hero Music)

UK Hard Dance Mix
Aurora Project – ‘Paradise (Neal Thomas Remix)’ (Joyride)
Organ Donors – ‘Tranceplant’ (White)
Anne Savage – ‘I Can’t Hear Ya (Luca Antolini Remix)’ (Siren)
Technikal pres. Simon Qudos – ‘Gear Shift’ (Technikal)

Dr Willis – ‘God Of Abraham (Kan Cold Mix)’ (Rockstar Wreck Chords)
Bootek DJs – ‘Bootek 39a’ (Bootek)
Human Resource – ‘Dominator (Ilogik Remix)’ (Tidy)

Kutski’s Euro Mix
Dutch Master – ‘Pride’ (Dutch Master Works)
Dalucia – ‘Sonar’ (MITA)
Zany & DV8 – ‘Vision’ (Fusion)
Abyss & Judge – ‘Hardstyle Revolution (Showtek Remix)’ (Dutch Master Works)
D Block & S Te Fan – ‘Music Made Addict’ (Scantraxx)

Kutski’s Old Skool Rave Mix
Rhythm Quest – ‘Closer To All Your Dreams’ (Network Records)
Awesome 3 – ‘Don’t Go (Kicks Like A Mule Remix)’ (City Beat)
The Prodigy – ‘Charley (Alley Cat Remix)’ (XL Recordings)
Kicks Like A Mule – ‘The Bouncer (House Quake Mix)’ (XL Recordings)
Manix – ‘Feel Real Good’ (Reinforced Records)
2 Bad Mice – ‘Bombscare (Original Mix)’ (Smile Communication)
M&M feat. Rachel Wallace – ‘I Feel This Way (Suburban Base)
T99 – ‘Anasthasia (Out of History Mix)’ (XL Recordings)
Liquid – ‘Sweet Harmony’ (XL Recordings)
Manix – ‘Oblivion (Head In The Clouds)’ (Reinforced Records)
Krome & Time – ‘This Sound Is For The Underground’ (Suburban Base)
Ellis Dee Project – ‘Desire’ (Ellis Dee Project)
The Prodigy – ‘Out Of Space’ (XL Recordings)

Daniel Merriweather feat. Wade – ‘Change (CLSM Rave Mashup)’ (White)

The Hardest Record In The World Right Now
DJ Obsession – ‘Ready or Not (Headbanger Remix)’ (Obsession Records)

Kutski’s UK Hardcore Mix
Billy Daniel Bunter & Sparky feat. Daniel – ‘Ride Like The Wind 2009’ (Can You Feel It)
Petruccio & Rampant – ‘Audio Generator’ (White)
Al Storm – ‘This Is The Ultimate’ (24/7)
Gammer & MC Whizzkid – ‘We Are The Vampires’ (Muffin Music)

The Prodigy – ‘Ruff In The Jungle Bizness (Uplifting Vibes Remix)’ (XL)

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