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BBC Radio 1 Benji B Exploring future 2011-02-10 Bullion live in the studio with Benji

10 February, 2011 (11:15) | Benji B, MP3 | By: Core News

“Bullion joins Benji live in the studio and presents an exclusive mix. Also featuring a tribute to J Dilla on the fifth anniversary of his passing.”
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BBC Radio 1 Benji B Exploring future 2011-02-10 Bullion live in the studio with Benji [Filesonic download]

Various — Dedicated To J Dilla
Jaydee — Think Twice [BBE]
Slum Village — Untitled [Capitol]
J Dilla — Over The Breaks [BBE]
J Dilla — Let’s Take It Back [Mummy]
Common — Heat [Geffen]
J Dilla — Go! Go! Beat [CD-R]
Erykah Badu — Love [Motown]
J Dilla — You And Your Smile [CD-R]
J Dilla — Look! [CD-R]
J Dilla — L.Nyro [CD-R]
Gil-Scott Heron & Jamie XX — Running [XL]
Hounds of Hate — Trident [Unreleased]
Hype Williams — Your Girl Smells Chung When She Wears Dior [Untitled]
Kode 9 & The Spaceape — Otherman [forthcoming Hyperdub]
Objekt — Tinderbox [Objekt]
Teeth — Shawty [forthcoming 502 Recordings]
Africa Hitech — Cave Man Style [forthcoming Warp Records]
John Barry — From Russia With Love [Capitol]
Bullion — Long Promised [Pet Sounds]
Bullion — Young Heartache [One-Handed Music]
Bullion — Caroline-No [Pet Sounds]
Bullion — Get Familiar [One-Handed Music]
Bullion — You Still Believe In Dee [Pet Sound]

Bullion — You Drive Me To Plastic (Intro) [Young Turks]
Bullion — Another Chance To Dance [Unreleased]
Bullion — Stepping Stone (Transition) [Unreleased]
Bullion — Good News On Her [Young Turks]
Bullion — With Your Mind Open [Unreleased]
Bullion — Lol Express [Young Turks]
Bullion — Crystal Maze [Unreleased]
Bullion with Sampha — I’d Never Dance With You [Unreleased]
Bullion — Thoughts Of Music [Unreleased]
Bullion — Too Right (Alternative Ending) [Unreleased]
Bullion — You Still Believe In Dee [Pet Sound]

Paul White — Hustle (Bullion Remix) [One-Handed Music]
James Blake — I Mind [ATLAS]
Jesse Ware & Sampha — Valentine [Young Turks]
Photek — Zuma aka 101 (Boddika’s Drum Machine Remix) [Dubplate]
[unknown] — Sicko Cell [Swamp81 Dubplate]

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Comment from Arthit
Time February 24, 2011 at 7:08 am

It’s all about modern beats this show. With a nice Dilla tribute and Bullion music, it does fit the bill of “exploring the future beats”.

Come to think of it, Benj never mentions that tagline on the show. Maybe it’s the idea of producer Chloe?

But it’s a great show and you will realise the genius of John Barry when Benj plays “From Russia With Love” sandwiched by Bullion and African Hitech and it still sounds modern!