Avtomat – Resident Advisor podcast #869 2023-01-30

“We’re not in the habit of quoting press materials all the time, but in Kajetan Łukomski’s case, it feels appropriate. The first sentence of his bio is “Avtomat is a person with way too many interests.” If you know any artists from Poland’s wide-ranging, always-growing electronic music scene, chances are he’s one of them. He’s a DJ, producer, organizer and activist, once a member of the queer feminist collective Oramics, and is endlessly passionate about supporting, spreading and playing music from the Central European and Eastern European regions.
With roots in metal, goth and electroclash, there’s a certain spikiness to Łukomski’s style, but also a polyglot knowledge and a hunger for new sounds. He’s found a fitting home on Tańce, a Kraków label that blends electronic music with Polish folk traditions (they also released Naphta’s RA-Recommended Ża​ł​o​ś​ć album, which features on this mix). That’s something of the mission of Łukomski’s RA Podcast, but it’s also just the jumping off point. In these almost four hours of expert blending, genre-jumping and incredible pacing, Łukomski touches on almost every style of dance music you could think of, with aplomb and occasionally surprise (like that irresistible Bloc Party edit). If you can, it’s worth digesting all in one sitting, so you can truly appreciate the ground he covers.”
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