Annie Mac – BBC Radio 1’s Stories 2014-06-16 Oi! Brazil

“Annie Mac looks at a meeting of the best of Brazilian sounds coming together with the best of the UK Underground.
UK artists Mikill Pane, Happa, Afrikan Boy and duo Jus Now collaborate online with four Brazilian acts: IFA Afrobeat, Soraia Drummond, OQuadro and A.MA.SSA to create four new tracks which bring together the most exciting underground sounds coming out of Brazil and the UK.
The eyes of the world are on Brazil this Summer, with the soundtrack of tropicalia, bossa nova, samba and worldwide pop sensations.
But what is the sound of the Brazilian musical underground? And what does this soundtrack tell us about life for the nation’s young people?
This is an explosive moment for Brazil, not just socially, but musically too, with emerging bass, hip hop and experimental folk scenes.
Oi! Brazil introduces us to some of the real, raw sounds of current music being made in Brazil.
The rules are remade as fresh sounds are created, seeing traditional genres fused with bass culture, afrobeats, electronica and more.
This new breed of sound lends itself to a consciousness that explores both Brazilian and global citizenship – all whilst having an amazing party!”
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Annie Mac – BBC Radio 1’s Stories 2014-06-16 Oi! Brazil [ download] [ download]

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