Andrew Ashong – Resident Advisor podcast #759 2020-12-21

“Five hours of funk and soul recorded live in Hackney.
Andrew Ashong was new to most of us when he debuted on Theo Parrish’s record label with his first EP back in 2012, but once you hit play on that record he felt instantly familiar. His music, soulful, smoky and sensual, is rooted in several traditions at once: R&B, hip-hop, house, disco, soul, broken beat, you name it. He’s only put out a few records since—including his latest, Sankofa Season with UK legend Kaidi Tatham, last month—but all of them have the easy confidence of someone who knows the music they love inside-out.
Ashong is not just a wonderful producer and songwriter. He’s also one hell of a record digger, and a great DJ too. You won’t find many mixes of his online, which makes this RA Podcast all the sweeter. It was recorded live at a night in Hackney—you know, with people and everything—this year, but the recording went on well past closing time, just Ashong winding things down for his own pleasure. It’s a journey into a collection that includes plenty of droolworthy records, especially for fans of Brazilian music, but there are also classic cuts from Barry White, Cameo, War and Heaven 17. It’s a loose and easy session perfect to warm up a lazy winter’s day.”
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