6 Mix 2012-10-12 Nigel Godrich

“Super producer Nigel Godrich takes over the 6 Mix to play two hours of tunes which have inspired his unique sonic identity, alongside new music from his studio.
One of Britain’s best-known record producers, over the past two decades Godrich has mixed and produced tunes for a host of music’s biggest stars from U2 to Sir Paul McCartney via Pavement, Travis and Band Aid 20. However he’s best known for his work as long time producer of Radiohead, working on every album they’ve made since The Bends in 1994.
Described as their “sixth member”, his use of dense, textured production has become an essential part of their DNA. However, this autumn he’s stepped out from the mixing desk, playing keyboards in multimedia trio Ultraista (who release their debut album this month) and playing bass in Atoms For Peace featuring Thom Yorke.
In his 6 Mix, Nigel takes you on two hour journey through the recesses of his record collection, from Four Tet, Faust and Flying Lotus to Boards of Canada, Beck and Brian Eno.”
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6 Mix 2012-10-12 Nigel Godrich

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