#32 – Sanshutsu – Raijin Radio – Minimal Techno Test

It is time for some wicked minimal and industrial techno sounds from Miami based Raijin. In his weekly techno show called Raijin Radio we get tracks fresh tracks today and even tracks going back to the 80s.

Listen to the set in the Soundcloud player below and follow Raijin on Soundcloud and Instagram @raijinshouse for more techno sounds like this.

Drei (Mattias Fridell Remix) Coeter One
Regarde Pacific (Original Mix) Aumrec
Ø [Phase] – Insectoid
Friday Night (Original Mix) Christian Fischer, Adrian Hour
Sundays In Berlin Dustin Zahn
Tell Me (Original Mix) Dosem
B Alan Fitzpatrick & Jon Gurd
Green Room Julian Jeweil
Kinect (Original Mix) Juan Ddd, Elegant Hands
Particle (Original Mix) Alberto Ruiz
Better Than You (Herr Spiegelhauer Remix) – Christian Farias, Luigi Gori
El Jefe (Version 1) Sasha, Alan Fitzpatrick
Launch (Original Mix) Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink
Rocking (Original Mix) – Dema
Go Harder (Original Mix) Chris Count
Anklam (Original Mix) Charles Fenckler
Truth Be Told – Somniac (Original Mix)
New Day Rising (Restructured) Dustin Zahn
Bedlam (Original Mix) Dubspeeka

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