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Don Letts 2017-04-09 Crucial Vinyl from Nina Simone

12 April, 2017 (10:57) | Electronic music | By: Core News

“The Don’s selections cross time, space and genre and include Crucial Vinyl from Nina Simone.
Each week, as well as blending his favourite new music with classics from the UK, USA, Jamaica, Africa and way beyond, Don highlights a piece of Crucial Vinyl – a cherished album from his own collection. He explains why it means so much to him, and features three key tracks. This week it’s Nina Simone’s To Love Somebody, released in 1969.
Don says, “I stumbled on this record when I was 13 years old, and it’s stuck with me from that time to this.
Although primarily covers of songs by the likes of the Bee Gees, Leonard Cohen, Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan, Nina’s take on them is quite unique, and she makes each one her own. In fact there’s only one original tune on the album, and even that takes a cue from The Beatles.”.”
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